2009 Catalogue available for download

We have just finished our new Catalogue. It is available online at this link: http://www.qualitychess.co.uk/ebooks/Catalogue2009-webformat.pdf

On page 31 you will be able to see our newest predictions on when the books are likely to be out. It should be clear that we are very busy in the months to come. Next out is Attacking the Spanish and Build up your Chess 3, on Wednesday the 15th July.

2009 Quality Chess Catalog

11 thoughts on “2009 Catalogue available for download”

  1. When will “The Complete Queen’s Indian Defence” be out? Sammalvuo’s book on the English attack is one of the best books ever as he gives coverage for both black and white, lots of tips and recommendations regarding repertoire (for black and(!) white). if the queen’s indian book will be the same, i’m really looking forward to it.

  2. farg,

    We also have high hopes for “The Complete Queen’s Indian” but it’s a big project and at an early stage, so there will be a long wait. The middle of 2010 is a rough guess.

  3. Alexei Lugovoi

    Wonderful news, but what about us, what about the “legion of da hardest”, THE 1e4 PLAYERS???

    I’ve expected some news about GM 1e4 repertoire but unfortunately we have been sacked again 🙂

    You can always contribute to the ENDGAME by works like this:


    Also we, the “Russian style legion” are awaiting announcement for GM Black repertoire based on KING’S INDIAN 🙂

  4. Jacob Aagaard

    Dear Alexei,

    The news about 1.e4 is the same as always. I need a long time to do this job properly. Also, we have a signed contract with a KID expert, but the publication date is some time into the future still, so we don’t want to announce anything.

    Meanwhile Bologan has just released a KID book for Chess Stars. I have not yet seen it, but I guess it is worth a look based on his previous books…


  5. Alexei Lugovoi

    Surely the GM Rep 1e4 gonna be a hard battle to conquer! But I expect that you have more information for us regarding author and possible volumes, and I think that you could do this till September/October.

    By the way, Marin can be one of the possible authors.

    One critic: I see that you produce many Black GM reps, like Najdorf and Caro Kann. But you could also address some book against Sicilian or French for White players.

    I don’t know if Marin’s books “A Spanish rep” and “Beating the Open Games” can be considered as GM Rep for Black against e4?

    About KID I have several books and yes indeed: Bologan’s book is in my stash:)

    But nevertheless this is a challenge for you: in spring 2010 you can produce most wanted KID book. If you put as much effort as in “Berlin Wall” book, I’m sure that you would produce another classic.

    Thanks to you and Marin in previous 2 years I have finally realized that I have to play MAIN LINES: thus I abandoned many gambit lines and wasted sidelines. From now on I’m on the side of the world chapions: Ruy Lopez and KIng’s Indian. Please help me to make decent repertoire against other Black replies on 1e4.


  6. More books will follow, including those you mention, but I think you do not fully understand the amount of work that goes into these books. It will take time, especially because it is main lines. If I could choose sidelines and would no nothing else, I could produce these books in 3 weeks each. But you would hate me for it…

  7. Abramov Anjuhin

    Can you produce Black GM rep against 1.e4 based on Kramnik’s choice: the dreaded RUSSIAN DEFENCE?

    Arguably this is the best weapon against 1.e4 after Black replies 1…e5!

  8. Alexei Lugovoi

    Indeed there’s only several rather old and obsolete book dealing with Russian Defence:

    Alexander Raetzki, Maxim Tschetwerik: Petroff Defence
    191 pages, 2005.
    Lasha Janjgava: The Petroff
    240 pages, 2001.

    Top practitioners: Adams, Gelfand, Karpov, Kramnik.

    Since Gelfand gave Quality Chess high marks, it would be fantastic if he or Yussopov could write Black GM rep against 1e4 🙂

  9. Very much looking forward to the planned publications and future projects, especially biographies/game-collections such as “Champions of the New Millennium” and “Karpov’s Strategic Wins”.


  10. The future books on KID, Queen’s Indian, Sicilian Najdorf etc are good news but I would rather/also like books on the Dutch Leningrad, Sicilian Kan (and also maybe the Taimanov), Sicilian Kalashnikov (now the Sveshnikov preference, I guess), and why not also on the Sveshnikov itself…


    P.S.= Sorry if my english is not perfect, I’m French. 🙂

  11. “From now on I’m on the side of the world chapions: Ruy Lopez and KIng’s Indian!”
    Yes! me too! A GM Repertoire on the KID is great news and I agree with Jacob Aagard, because only time makes a great book. A complete GM repertoire book on the KID with strategic explanations would be great. Talking about Ruy Lopez, I hope to see in the future GM repertoire series (one defence – one book) like Breyer system (there are no books on this defence! In Petrov we find a few!), Arkangelsk, Chigorin or Open (Marin). And I think Open games deserve a Quality Chess book on the Italian opening and Two Knights.
    I look forward to “Champions of the New Millennium” and “Karpov’s Strategic Wins” and “GM Repertoire English Opening”.

    Greetings and all the best!

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