A sort of Scottish Blitz Championship

In Scotland we have an official blitz championship, held in June usually (and hopefully again this year!). It is an open Championship held in Edinburgh and is usually very well organised. Importantly, it is open to players from all nations. Last year it was won by Matthew Sadler in front of Arkadij Naiditsch. English GM Matthew Turner became Scottish Champion, as he is a member of FIDE through the Scottish Federation, although he would not be allowed to play for Scotland according to the selection rules. I would, but am a member of FIDE through the Danish Federation and thus had to console myself with third place.

As I have recently moved to a new flat, I invited the guys from the office and my teammates from Edinburgh Chess Club to a blitz tournament. Original invitee Danny could not make it so John was forced to play. True to his recent change of style, he sacrificed queens and rooks and lost equal rook endings…



I was personally very lucky to make it to the final, as Andrew Green rejected a perpetual in an attempt to humiliate me 2-0 in the semi-final. Big mistake!


The evening was a big success and the trophies (handed out by Captain, my Captain Neil Berry) were shared generously!

Runner-up Clement Sreeves
Runner-up Clement Sreeves
Winner Jacob Aagaard
Winner Jacob Aagaard

8 thoughts on “A sort of Scottish Blitz Championship”

  1. What a bloodbath. 29 games and just one draw!

    Neil was at the ‘When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object’ weekend. Is he any closer to his FM title?

  2. Could you please send me details of the Scottish blitz tournament “held in June usually”? Is it open to non-playing spectators?

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