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I promised to put the following on our blog. I have not read Martin’s novel (or the Game of Thrones books, which are on the shelf looking at me), so I cannot give a personal opinion, except that obviously this must be a great novel 😎

Martin Weteschnik, a Quality Chess Books author, has published his first literary work. The novel “Endgames” plays in San Francisco, where the author lived for about five years. Although not exclusively a chess novel, FM Weteschnik has brought in many of insights from his active time when he was also training with people of world-class format. A review in the German Chess magazine “Rochade” asserted that the novel has presented an extraordinary view on chess.

“Endgames” is available as an ebook at amazon and smashwords.

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  1. Frankfurter Bub

    I do not know Mr. Weteschniks novel, but only want to point out, a great review in “Rochade” is of no relevance at all and no selling argument. I never ever saw any review in the Rochade that is anything less then full of praise.

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