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How many Quality Chess authors will be at the Olympiad in Turkey? We do not know, who knows?

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    The mysterious figure is? ….16 🙂

    1. DEN- GM Jacob Aagaard Madsen – 2505,
    2. DEN- GM Lars Schandorff – 2516,
    3. ENG- GM Nicholas Pert – 2555 (upcoming GM Rep Classical Slav),
    4. FRA – GM Christian Bauer – 2681,
    5. GER – GM Arkadij Naiditsch – 2689 (few Chess Evolutions),
    6. GRE – GM Vasileios Kotronias – 2595,
    7. HUN – GM Judit Polgar – 2709,
    8. ISR – GM Boris Avrukh – 2605,
    9. ITA – GM Sabino Brunello – 2592,
    10. ROU – GM Mihail Marin – 2540,
    11. SCO – GM John Shaw – 2424,
    12. SVK – GM Lubomir Ftacnik – 2516,
    13. SWE – GM Emanuel Berg – 2587 (upcoming GM Rep French Defence)
    14. UKR – GM Pavlo Elyanov – 2693 (article in GM vs amateur)
    15. SCO – GM Colin McNab – 2445 (articles in Experts on Anti-Sicilian)
    16. DEN – GM Sune Berg Hansen – 2577 (article in Experts vs Sicilian).

    Thank you for the prize: hardcover of Playing 1.d4 – The Indian Defences by Lars Schandorff 🙂

  2. It is very tricky question: you cannot know if Jacob is asking about all the authors who have written ANY book for Quality Chess or just the team which is NOW writing a book for QC.

    I was thinking about other writers who has written for QC, but I cannot remeber anyone more than listed by the 1st winner of the book.

    Maybe one of these players might try to fit in the list? Boris Alterman, David Vigorito, Tiger Hillarp Persson, Dorian Rogozenko, Glenn Flear.

  3. I’ll be at the Olympiad as a trainer. By the way, is there a list with the trainers from the organisers? I haven’t found it…

  4. @Chess King
    I have a feeling Alterman might drop by, but I have not heard from him. Yusupov is not going and I doubt Suba is either. But yes, you should include trainers and other officials.

    I think Glenn Flear might be there, Tiger will not, Vigorito and Rogozenko I could not imagine showing up. Psakhis I would also assume would not show up. But yes, Nikos is one.

    So with Flear and Ntirlis added and Bauer certainly not showing up, we are at 17?

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