Olympiad – Day 1

Arrived well on a direct flight from Edinburgh. Denmark is playing Honduras today, a bunch of 2100s, leaving us as favourites. I am not playing, as I looked worst last night (a rare case of hayfever). The hotel is generally good, although there are some internet problems. Breakfast was so/so, while it was raining like it was Scotland when we went out to buy water and lan cables this morning. John and the rest of the Scottish team are staying 4km away from the playing hall, while I can see it from my window.

2 thoughts on “Olympiad – Day 1”

  1. Nice way to start John! This is a team event but I couldn’t help noticing after round one, in the category “best players according to percent”, you’re ranked above: J.Polgar, Nigel Short, Eljanov, Akopian, Navara, Sokolov and a handful of the like.

    You’re taking the chess world by storm!!

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