Olympiad Round 5

Had a few bears at the Bermuda party with John and Nikos (not drinking though). We were there first and actually I left at the time the rest of the Danish team went there.

Today I was winning after 13 moves; preparation I remembered from the early 1990s. I think it was a Shirov-Polgar game. I played a practical 21.Rf5!? eliminating counterplay, rather than relying on greed and calculation. The team won 4-0 after some shaky play on board 3.

Those loving bad knights, find Sabino Brunello’s game. That was just pure evil.

Meanwhile Judit is coming all the time asking if her book has arrived yet. We do not know what will happen with the Turkish customs, but hopefully the books will make it here for Tuesday, when lots of our authors are going to the chess shop to sign their books.

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    Last but not the least today I knocked down in the middlegame national master in blitz team competition using Queen’s Gambit Exchange Botvinnik Variation from Schandorff’s “Playing 1.d4 – The Queen’s Gambit” 🙂

    Jacob, please greet Mr. Schandorff in my name. Tell him that some very dedicated fan of his repertoire books is maniacally slaying Black players 🙂

    It doesn’t surprise me you can win a lot in the QGD exchange, what would surprise me is if you could do the same in the Reshevsky variation of the Nimzo, which is what Schandorff proposes in his second volume, but I have my doubts about it offering any advantage to white (but maybe he’ll prove me wrong)

  3. @tony
    It is all the rage at the moment. It is quite a nasty line for Black. But still it is hard to imagine that the Nimzo-Indian will be refuted :-).

  4. Over the weekend I was on the receiving side of a long and nice combination. It would really fit into a book like “Chess Puzzles 2”. The game will not be published by TWIC, Chessbase or something like that. So any interest in a good combination for an upcoming tactics book?

  5. @Grant
    We are hoping to get them out by next year, but really I cannot promise anything. We cannot force the author’s hand and Vassilios delayed publication to play a lot of tournaments.

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