Round 9 – Let me be!

What was Nh5?? all about. And Qd7? I saw Nxe6 right after I played it. Somehow this cost some confidence too…

11 thoughts on “Round 9 – Let me be!”

  1. hello GM, i am one of your fan. i watch your attacking chess on the chess base video. i thought you will be playing sicilian. any way, it fun watching your game, especially the winning game 🙂

    1. Thank you. I will try to win today, otherwise go back and see Pallesen – Aagaard, 2002, which was played according to the attacking principles.

  2. you lose, any way, a good fight again 2700…. hopefully the last game you will be playing… okay, i will look into the game. any way, i think you quite funny on the attacking chess video, what i mean sometime you make funny reaction… you are the best 🙂

  3. @Solomon
    Well, it is quite likely I will be rested for the last game, so this is actually the end of tournament chess as far as I am concerned. Quite fittingly, Cathy will start in Bearsden Chess Club in three weeks (she is four and quite into chess) and I will hold a simul there at the end of the month to celebrate both my retirement and winning the Scottish Championship.

  4. Gilchrist is a Legend

    I notice that most of the chess events seem to be usually in the South, or Scotland. How about north like in Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Durham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Hull? We need more chess here 😀

  5. man, i really hope that you find your motivation once again. this is the first time i able to look at your game live, and my last time 🙁 my fide rating is 1760, now i am 22. targeting to be a grandmaster like you also… 🙂 i start chess late.

  6. Gilchrist is a Legend

    I think a big tournament should be held in a Northern city ever year, although I think the British Championships this year was organised close to Newcastle. The 4NCL have an abundance of venues in the very South (as in close enough to walk to the English Channel) and transport was part of the reason I did not participate…

    Also does this retirement mean more time for work on Playing the French and GM6 2nd Edition?

  7. @Solomon
    I think I have found my place in life. There is nothing sad about that. I think all good players need a good trainer; so I am now working with a few players of a class I cannot reach with my current obligations and diversity of ambition. I am very happy about my situation; not all people end with being at the top of their field and I am at the top of three, publishing, writing and now also coaching. The fact that I am a mediocre GM does not hurt me. I am rubbish at mowing the lawn and need to improve more there for sure!

  8. @Gilchrist is a Legend
    I have played five tournaments this year. This is over 50 days I could have used with my family or working on other things. So yes, this will improve my work for Quality Chess substantially. Now there are a few years till Cathy, Rebecca and I will be on the road :-).

    I understand your considerations, but for the Scottish players, Birminham is easier to get to than Liverpool, though I think we would welcome any Northern tournament as well…

  9. Gilchrist is a Legend

    50 more days of Playing the French, hopefully it will be released soon, but I think a new publishing schedule is needed, probably only for 2012 to update on how books from September to New Year’s will be.

    I have taken the train to Glasgow before, and the train route Glasgow-Edinburgh-Newcastle-York-Leeds-Manchester-Liverpool seems shorter than Glasgow-Birmingham 😀

    Maybe a book signing in Manchester, a simul in Sheffield, or organise a norm tournament in Leeds? Paying train fares for chess for Northerners is quite annoying. 😀

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