Retirement – First thougths

My first day of retirement has passed. If this is anything to go by, I am going to be busy! Getting awards, talking to world champions, business meetings and presentations – and not the least analysing the Slav defence until 2am in the morning! All of this without the pressure of playing and the feeling that I should want to win/prepare, knowing that I care about the results, but do not have the hunger to play for them myself anymore…

Meanwhile I am trying for the first time to embed a video. I have no idea if it works…

6 thoughts on “Retirement – First thougths”

  1. Good luck with your “retirement”. I hope you’re right in saying earlier that Mr Yusupov got the gradings wrong for his series of books. At FIDE 1850 I’ve just worked through the first book and even here some of the positions were not straightforward. Really nice book though and i plan to order the whole series when I have a bit more cash… just 8 more to go ;-).

  2. Yep! I bought the first 4 in the series and was a little surprised that I missed some problems in the first book, so now I am going to wait and buy them as I complete them, truly a great series though, I love these books. With these books, Chess tactics from scratch, the QC Puzzle book, and Jacob’s up-coming GM Prep Series. This is a great trainng program!!!

    I am really looking forward to Positional play as I find that this is where many others have the hardest time trying to explain correctly how to asses positions and make a plan. I love Jacob’s 3 questions when trying to come up with a good move and I think he said it would be in the book Positional Play. So I got have to get my hand on that one.

    And for openengs books, I don’t think there is anyone better that QC!

  3. @Michael
    Very worried about POSITIONAL PLAY, which I guess is a good sign. When I am worried I am more self-critical and usually do better work. I think we will have them out on the 27th October (Avrukh and PS).

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