We do our best to check our books for mistakes; even painstakenly so. In version 34 of the proofread version of Positional Play there were no big errors. In the print version (35) there was one. Sympathy is appreciated; abuse unnecessary, I feel bad enough already, even if this time it was not my fault!

5 thoughts on “Painful”

  1. The diagram error looks strange but shouldn’t cause much confusion. The same goes for the missing full stop in column 1, line 4 (in both versions).

  2. I have never see any chess book without mistakes. The ultimate goal is not to produce perfect book (are they exist?), but those with the minimum number of QUALITY mistakes. If the pages are reverted and the analysis is completely busted, than it is quite different mistake than missing (or mixing) one letter at the end of the sentence.

    That way – JACOB and others! Do not worry about a quantity of mistakes, but of their QUALITY! You know: your company should tell everything what is necessary to publish great books 😉 :). Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the support guys. I can live with a missing full stop, but the other mistakes is almost as bad as when I took all the semi-colons out of Cox’ book on the Berlin. Luckily there was a reprint, hope this makes it too!

  4. 2 things! As an FM I retired from chess for 7 years and now have the “hunger” back full strength/. You can always come back again one day GM aagaard!//also my comment is about the recently succesful gambit 6..nc6 (A11) in the barcza system, not even mentioned by marin in his fantastic english opening book. I’d love his view on this move (Bartholomew – Ostrovskiy…etc)!?

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