Today’s eagle-eye award goes to…

Colin McNab for pointing out the most desperate of several mistakes of this advert in progress. (Let me get the excuses in early: very tired, not focused, early draft, the wind was blowing and Sabino has no advantage after the opening…)

12 thoughts on “Today’s eagle-eye award goes to…”

  1. Gilchrist is a Legend

    It actually took me over an hour to figure out the error in the advert. And how is the wind blowing inside an office? If you had windows open for the past week snow would have entered easily.

  2. @Ed

    The final book in the 9-volume series will be published on January 31. But are you really sure you want to accept the offer made in the advert above?

  3. Ed :
    Will they come as a box set?

    We pondered creating a box set, but probably we will not have an actual box. When I buy a series of books I am happy to see them lined up 1-9 on my book shelf. No box needed. No doubt others may see it differently, so I would not say this decision is 100% final (more like 99%).

  4. Ha ha, nice.

    I love the Yusupov series to death (they are pretty much the only books I am reading for study as opposed to entertainment right now), but I wouldn’t recommend them to a 1000. Maybe 1400? Even that I think would be a stretch unless the player was pretty mature.

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