Authors in Action

Our authors have been playing great chess recently.

At the very strong Politiken Cup in Denmark, Boris Avrukh was first equal, while Tiger Hillarp Persson won the Best Game Prize. Lars Schandorff scored a respectable 7/10.

Mihail Marin played a couple of tournaments. He was first in Benasque (with 9/11) and second in Andorra. These fantastic  results have pushed his rating up to a personal best of 2610.

John Shaw

2 thoughts on “Authors in Action”

  1. Quality Chess ought not to have any problem getting new authors…anytime one of them writes a book, either their rating skyrockets or they start winning tournament after tournament 🙂

  2. May be this is off-topic, but I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jacob !!! 🙂
    I wish you health and a lot of success as in your private life as in your business adventures. Of course one should not forget also chess 🙂

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