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Dear Quality Chess Reader,

All modesty aside, we must announce another Quality Chess prize winner – in fact a 1-2. Jacob Aagaard won the Association of Chess Professionals’ 2013 Book of the Year prize for Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation. In second place, just one vote behind, was How I Beat Fischer’s Record by Judit Polgar. My personal congratulations to both authors.

This award means that Jacob is the chess author who has won the most prizes – ACP, ECF, Boleslavsky, ChessCafe and Guardian. It was close with Mark Dvoretsky and John Nunn before, but Jacob now has his nose in front.

In a supersized chess file (pdf or pgn) there are many games from the Danish Championship and Danish Blitz Championship, plus analysis that updates and adds to Grandmaster Repertoire 12: The Modern Benoni. The new Danish Champion is GM Davor Palo, but who is their new Blitz Champion? It was another prize for GM Jacob Aagaard.


John Shaw

Chief Editor

Quality Chess


16 thoughts on “Quality Chess Newsletter – ACP Book of the Year Prize”

  1. Congratulations for all the people who created these books! It is a reason for being PROUD – when this kind of prizes are given for such books! Great work! Keep the (high) QUALITY CHESS (books) going! 🙂



    Did you consider to launch another type of GM GUIDE for Black vs 1.e4 like 1….e5?

    And how about another one vs 1.d4 & 1.c4?

    It would be much appreciated if you do them 🙂


    Any news on GM Najdorf? When will Ftacnik’s books be out, in pair ore one after another. How come that they are not in coming soon section?

    I just wonder what will be new in them that will force me to buy both hardcovers for 70 euros 🙂

  4. @Jacob Aagaard
    No problem – plenty of other QC books to study in the meantime! I’m currently studying the first ‘ blue book’ of the Yusupov series chapter 3 (on Opening Play), and judging from the number of errors I’m making in trying to solve the puzzles, there is plenty of general opening knowledge still to be acquired :-).

  5. Gilchrist is a Legend

    I still am reading GM12, then perhaps Strategic Play and some more GM11, and by then probably the French book. My entire repertoire is basically QC books..

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