Quality Chess joins forces with Forward Chess

We have been negotiating for a while with the owners of Forward Chess relating to our books being published on their app. We are happy to announce that we have come to agreement and that we have signed an agreement.

This is of course the easy part; next follows the conversion of our books to their format. It will be a lot of work and it will take time before all our books will be available in this format; if ever (some books are no longer relevant). But it is certainly the intention that most of our future books will be published in this format.


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  1. Jacob Aagaard

    We all know that the app is at very early stages. But the expenses related to developing something like this means that FC have to put it out and improve it as we go along. This includes bringing it out on Android, which we have been promised will happen.

  2. Great news. Is it the intention going forward that the books be published concurrently in this format with the physical versions, or only after the physical version has been out some time?

  3. Gilchrist is a Legend

    As long as there are physical hardcover versions, it is fine. I would be very scared if the switch was completely into online.

  4. Excellent news. ForwardChess has a simple, friendly interface. I prefer digital. 4 reasons:
    1) Less house space occupied.
    2) Wife doesn’t know I am buying chess books.
    3) Easier to study on the move such as the short morning commute (and, cough, at work).
    4) Just gets the ideas and patterns in more readily.
    Well done, a very positive move, er, forward.
    Keep up the spiffing work!

  5. Will there be a bundle consisting of the real book and the electronic version for a reasonable price? Because I’d like to have both, but I don’t want to pay two times…

  6. I feel this is a very positive step by Quality Chess. I have concerns as an Android user that it will be some time, if ever, before I can benefit.

    Meanwhile, awaiting with great anticipation for a glimpse of Nessie!! Tremendous perseverance John – well done!!!

  7. Is a very good decision. My personal feeling is thatยดs the future way and forward chess will be the leader (chess -stars, moongose, qualitychess!)

  8. Jacob Aagaard

    The physical format is still our main priority and the speed of conversion is clearly important for how many books we put out on Forward Chess. How quickly this happens is really up in the air; only a lot of you have asked and I wanted to tell you that something is happening at last.

  9. This is really very cool. I will absolutely re-buy several quality chess titles I already own in book form on forward chess if made available, and would snap up new offerings quickly as well. I’m especially hoping to see the Yusupov series on forward chess.

    One thing that’s great about this format is that it makes it so much easier to turn reading/study into practice/training.

  10. @Jacob Aagaard

    As someone who is travelling a lot I appreciate your move to provide digital editions in addition. You can count on me to buy a number of books a second time as electronic Version. Still, the app has a long way to go to be on par with e.g. the kindle app. No bookmarks, no highlighting of important text, no possibility to add own comments … I hope this gets fxed in upcoming releases,

  11. @wok64

    Don’t worry, there are many improvements in the pipeline! Some of them are from your list, others are “extra”. If you think we need to add something, please e-mail us at info@forwardchess.com – your suggestions will definitely be considered.
    We are committed to making our app the best in class!

  12. Kostas Oreopoulos

    Lets hope and Android version would be soon (meaning in 2013).

    My hunch is that it wont. Its not even mentioned in their website (the quality of which is not commendable).

    I hope this will not result in endless complains that you will not be responsible.

    If you dont have a date of expected release for android, then be sure, they have not even started…. You know from your own experience how bad promises end up.

  13. Jacob Aagaard

    Yes, we hope so too. As they have no big rich backer, they have to develop it while selling it. Quite normal. The level of ambitions is high, but this is not easy stuff. Also, I think they pay tax, which Amazon is less obviously doing…

  14. Jacob Aagaard

    @Kostas Oreopoulos
    Actually, we originally entered the discussions thinking it was for Ipad only. They wanted us to sign up for Android, not the other way around.

    But rather than being unhappy that you do not have the product yet, you should be happy that it will exist.

  15. @d.
    I am hoping for improvements that will make puzzle books work much better (and a bit interactive) on this app. It is not the first priority for FC, but I hope that once it is up and running on Android and sales are doing well, that they will have the energy to put into this area.

  16. Kostas Oreopoulos

    @Jacob Aagaard

    Actually this is not how i human feels. Its exactly the opposite.
    You don’t want to enter the iphone v Android debate. Its HOT and its ugly

    Personally i think IOS is big crap. Just for fashion victims and not for computer oriented people.

    I assure you , you DONT want to enter that debate. You will be burned from heat you are not responsible for.

    It like choosing camps in a war you are not interested

  17. I think this is the way forward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I recently moved and gave away 8 boxes of chess books. (Many Informants, NiC yearbooks and outdated opening books, plus some other less interesting titles) I see only advantages with electronic format, mainly the ones SimonB mentioned.

    And I would really like to see the Android version. That is clearly my preference.

  18. @Alias
    I love my GS4. But we have to be realistic and admit that the company we wanted to work with started working on an IOS app first. They will work on Android and we will publish on it. But we are not big companies, so this takes time.

  19. Great news – second Jonas’ comment – would be nice if owners of the paper version of these books could get some kind of discount on the digital versions… qualitychess has already been paid for the content, so I don’t mind throwing the app developer some cash too (and QC a “bonus”) – but paying twice for the same book?

  20. @Bryan
    It would be something like โ‚ฌ25 (or whatever the book costs) for the paperback and $12 for the e-book (whatever that is in euroes), I would guess. I have to look at the legal implications of it. But we do want something like buy the book and get the app at half price.

  21. Obviously we are low-tech, so we would have to e-mail the code to get it to the customers… For now I think it is a big enough challenge to get just ONE book out on the app :-).


    For me personally e-books like this are completely out of question. I have to have hardback in my hands so that I can efficiently do the training. Besides, it feels different when you have it in physical shape. Last but not the least if you want to improve you must execute all moves on real board. This also recommends Jussupow in his training books.

    So Jacob, you shall not get a cent for me! But beware, the internet underground community awaits with a smile your upcoming project!

    So long ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Yes, any buy the book get the app half price would be phenomenal offer, and encourage great brand loyalty in my view.

  24. @Jacob Aagaard
    You are aware that vertical resale price maintenance constitutes a violation of competition law? If Apple forces you to charge a certain price you could consider filing a complaint at a competition authority.

  25. Jacob Aagaard

    The issue is whether or not we are allowed to sell an app at a reduced price under our terms and conditions with apple. You could very well argue that both products were discounted equally. This is the issue we have to work out.

  26. @Ray
    What is the issue is that we do not want to have to pay a share of the sale of the paper copy. We can set the price; but clearly, we cannot say that the book was $50 and the app $0.01 and pay apple nothing. We set the price, but have to make sure we give a fair share to apple.

  27. @Jacob Aagaard
    Thnaks, now I understand. Still, I think it’s strange that Apple even would dare to demand a share of the paper copies. I’ve heard about simliar demands for newspapers, but it seems weird to me. It’s like Wallmart asking Coca-Cola a share of their sales from vending machines. Anyway, good luck with the ‘negatiations’.

  28. Joseph Knecht

    This is great news. I too will repurchase some existing items in Forward Chess, and anticipate most of my purchases happening through Forward Chess in the future.

    Is there any kind of a schedule of when we can expect things to be available, or which books will be available in Forward Chess first?

  29. Well, folks, you did ask for it and we heard you!
    The Android version of Forward Chess is rapidly approaching its first release.
    It is a really interesting experience – some things are so much easier than iOS, others are harder. Lots of “lessons learned”, but the app will be much better for it.

    At the moment, we are looking for beta testers of Forward Chess on Android. Both tablets and phones are welcome. If interested, please email us at info@ForwardChess.com

  30. Any news in this topic?. ForwardChess is the future of the publications. I love to buy digital books because they have a lot of advantages over physical books.

  31. Hi,
    Any news in this topic? Using forward chess quite frequently I’m looking forward to the first Quality Chess ebook. I think the Altman Gambit Guides and the Grandmaster Guides would be (at least) perfect ebooks.

  32. This is an exciting development. I hope it goes from strength to strength. I’m increasingly using digital texts (including rival e+chess), but will always love the physicality of real books.

  33. We are very close to having the first book ready for digital; but the focus is really on getting the process right more than anything, so we can get the following books out quickly.

  34. I have installed Forward Chess on the Android OS and Apple OS. Probably the best app for reading chess books. I appreciate especially the ‘computer aid’ of Stockfish but this is on Android only at the moment. Interactivity is outstanding also.
    Hope to see more Quality Chess books on it soon (especially the Aagaard series and tactical books). Another good thing is that various editors have an agreement. Gambit Chess and New in Chess (who is also on Forward Chess!) use another app who is also very good. Kindle have a lot of chess books also but for me it is just adapted for them.
    Have a nice day,
    Paul from Belgium.

  35. oops… at the end of my message you have to read: Kindle have a lot of chess books but the app is NOT adapted to chess books. Sorry for the mistake.

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