Yusupov Q&A as PDF

One of our regular readers have kindly edited the Yusupov Q&A. It can be downloaded here.

7 thoughts on “Yusupov Q&A as PDF”

  1. @Csaba
    Actually, I did not check carefully. I just took the edit as it was given to me. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth they say. I apologise; no offense was meant I am sure.

  2. Shurlock Ventriloquist

    while i am not suggesting this is the case here i remind that when people do not vet information and just simply pass it along it creates high chance of pushing forward inaccurate misinformation


    its sort of irresponsible in today’s internet age to do this … ALWAYS look a gift horse in the mouth as well as the rectum as there may be trojans in its belly

  3. Patrick Groenendijk

    Spot on, Csaba, apologies! The reason I missed your question is that this was the only one that Artur answered seperately, whereas all other questions were answered in two long blocks. I have now sent Jacob a corrected version that includes your question and answer. The only other question I left out was one where Artur answered that he had already answered that one. Hope this helps.

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