Updated Publishing Schedule

14th    Marin/Garrett    Reggio Emilia 2007/2008
28th    Tibor Karolyi    Genius in the Background
28th    Boris Avrukh    Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 Volume Two
15th    Jacob Aagaard    Attacking Manual Volume 2
15th    Jacob Aagaard    Attacking Manual Volume 1 2nd edition
29th    John Shaw   Quality Chess Puzzle Book
29th    Boris Alterman    The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits
29th    Artur Yusupov    Boost your Chess 1
John Shaw    The King’s Gambit
Lubomir Ftacnik   Grandmaster Repertoire 5 – The Sicilian Defence

29 thoughts on “Updated Publishing Schedule”

  1. What a coincidence, someone with a similar name. But it’s not a duplicate of mine :). So I am going to order GM Rep 2 now–it shall ship 28 Oct, correct?

  2. With the book Reggio Emilia coming out so soon, it seems to me that it needs to get some publicity. I mean everything Marin puts out is high quality, but if noone hears anything about the book it could pass under the radar, which would be a shame.

  3. GM 2 will come out as quickly as is possible. I hope the 28/10 will be the case, but partly we are reliant on when Boris will finish the book, and partly we are taken hostage by the printer, and whether or not they have a slot for us.

    Reggio is a nice book and is not written by Marin alone, although he has put in a lot of work. I am sure it will not sell trillions, but some people will enjoy it.

  4. So the Leningrad Dutch is completely missing in the book, but everything else is completely done? I hope he has some idea about how to combat the Leningrad right now…I guess Boris has been busy playing tournaments?

  5. Yes, he has ideas, but he does not want to do anything in a less than perfect way…

    Also, we want to check a lot of references, to see if we are meeting the most important recommendations out there. This is something we work hard to do and sometimes feel that we are the only ones doing in this business, but we do think it is a valuable thing to do.

  6. I very much admire Boris’s heavy work ethic. I suppose he does have a lot to expect since he wrote the best opening book so far (GM Rep 1).

  7. I will get an excerpt up just before the book goes to print, meaning 3 weeks before the publication – which might be a week later than announced, but not more, I hope.

    GM1 was fantastic, so was GM3. I think it is a matter of taste which one you prefer. I obviously have no favourite!

  8. He says he will hand it in at the end of the year, which would mean February in Europe and Arpil in the states, hopefully, and optimistically…

  9. I’m a quite a fanboy of the quality chess books, because of the format of the books and the quality of the authors.
    But I must say Im not too fond of those repertoire books cut between part 1 and part 2 with a few months, perhaps one year between the publication dates. Also, Im a bit confused with the indexation GM1 to GM 5 (sicilian ?).
    Apart from that, you are doing a great job.

  10. Jacob and John, could u please give a shot what are the next expected/planned books in GM Repertoire series. Thanks in advance

  11. Richard – The alternative would be that you have 1 year old material in your new book. A project of this magnitude cannot be done quickly.

    I am not sure what you mean with indexation?

    Milen – Caro-Kann is 6, 1.e4 is coming in a year from now in three volumes. There are other ideas, such as a double volume KID coming in 18 months from now.

  12. We have a 2600+- GM doing the KID books. An expert with a great reputation. This should narrow the field down a bit. I do not want to be any more exact than that at this moment.

    GM Lars Schandorff is doing GM6 on the Caro-Kann


  13. I have a question, which is may be out of the topic.
    If I order today for example GM Repetroire 2, GM Repertoire 5, and Attacking Manual 2 or even some other title (published or not published yet) when they will be shipped. One by ne (because of the publishing date) or I have to wait until all of them are published and only then to get them.
    For sure if I get them when they appear, then I am ready to invest in new books on your site (and your company and authors of course) by pre-ordering them 😉

  14. I have a question about GM repertoires. It is great news to hear that Complete Queen´s Indian is on the list and Tartakower QGD (a good back up line) is intended in near future, but what about a great GM repertoire on the Nimzo? I think this is important near the QID volume because Nimzo/QID are important defences and part of the same repertoire for lots of players and Nimzo sources are a bit old now. Many thanks and all the best for Quality Chess! 🙂

  15. Not mentioning names on KID yet.

    We send the books as they become available. The cost is rather much the same for us anyway.

    The complete QID is actually cancelled. I never announced it, and the author had family issues to attend to, so we decided to cancel it for now. We do want to do those books, but we cannot do everything, so we are not committing ourselves beyond capability. But understand me correctly, they will appear at some point, just not in the next year.

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