December 3rd

Showing that you can find gold even in the worst places: an internet blitz game…

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  1. Gilchrist is a Legend

    A quick glance, and how about 1. Ba2 Kxa2 2. f6 Kb2 (2…Kb1 3. f7 a2 4. f8=Q a1=Q 5. Qf1+ =) 3. f7 a2 4. f8=Q a1=Q 5. Qf6+ Kb1 6. Qxa1 Kxa1 7. Kh4 =

  2. Gilchrist is a Legend

    1. f6 Ne6 2. f7 Ng5+ followed by …Nxf7 and …Nd6. I was thinking that White at some point shall try the f6/c7 sequence, and Black must spend time to queen on a1, so perhaps force the expenditure of two tempi with Ba2 so that Black has to capture in front of the passed pawn, then move the king away, instead of direct queening.

  3. In your line doesn’t black still have the ng5 fork? Was wondering about f6 ne6 bf5 a2 bxf5 a1Q f7…. then push the c pawn if I can avoid checks. Seems too nuts though and not a line to try in blitz perhaps ! 😉 gotta dash….

  4. Vo1lator-Aagaard, Playchess 2013

    From a PlayChess blitz game. Here my opponent missed a nice way to make a

    49. Be4? a2 50. f6 a1=Q 51. f7 Qf1+ 52. Bg2 Qxf7 0-1

    Also poor is 49. Ba2? Kxa2 50. f6 Ne6 51. Kg2 Kb1 52. f7 a2 53. c7
    a1=Q 54. c8=Q Qg7+ and wins.

    49. f6! draws in two ways after 49…Ne6! (49… Kxb1 50. f7 a2 51. f8=Q a1=Q
    52. Qb8+ would even require a bit of care from my side.

    a) 50. c7! Nxc7 51. Bf5!! Securing the f-pawn can queen in peace. 51… a2 52. f7
    a1=Q 53. f8=Q =

    b) 50. Bf5!? a2 51. Bxe6! a1=Q 52. f7 and Black cannot win.

    50. f7? Ng5+!

  5. 1. f6 Ne6 2. c7! Nxc7 3. Bf5!= Looks like Ba2 idea doesn`t work really. Black is at least left with Q+N+p vs Q when there is no obvious perpetual.

  6. Mine was 1.f6 Ne6 2.c7 Nxc7 3.Bf5 which looks pretty logical and forced.

    I admit 1.Ba2 crossing my mind, but more because it’s an aesthetic “study like” move.

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