9th December

Back to work; less time for chess. This is a two-move idea with some details added on.

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  1. Mmm…if I could play two moves at once I would do g4-g5. 1.g4 Bxh5 2.Rxh5 looks nice but what about g5 fxg6e.p.? Not that I am seeing a lot of useful moves for black, white has ideas Rf5 or Rh7 , g7 and Rh8 maybe even. But maybe you play it slow by not taking fxg6 and just play Qe3! winning the pawn on g5 with Rxg5. This looks very dangerous for black, white will get united passed pawns on g5 and f5 supported by Q and B, and could even consider walking up with the K in circumstances. But if g5 is not possible, nothing will stop g5 and white looks to get decent attacking chances for the exchange sac.

    So I would try 1.g4 Bxh5 2.Rxh5 g5 3.Qe3 and 1.g4 Bxh5 2.Rxh5 (….) 3. g5 with promising attacking chances. Say 1.g4 Bxh5 2.Rxh5 Kf7?! 3. g5 Qe7 4. f6! and black’s position collapses:
    gxf6 Rh7 wins Q and on other moves simply fxg7 introduces yet another uninvited guest to the party at Black’s 7th.

  2. The rook on h5 is hanging, so white should move it somewhere.

    1. Rh8+ Kf7 2. Qh5+ Ke7 is probably better for white, but it is not winning yet.

    1. Th7 is interesting. The threat is 2. Qg4 and 3. Rh6 and the black queen has no good squares. After 1… Kf7 (what else?) white can renew the threat Rh6 with 2. Qe3. This should win quickly.

  3. 1.Rh7 Qg5 (preventing 2.Qg4) 2.f6 when the pawn cannot be taken:
    2…Rf6 3.Rh8 Kf7 4.R8h5 and the queen is trapped.
    2…Qf6 3.Rh8 Kf7 4.Rf8 Kf8 5.Rf1 pinning the queen.
    2…f6 3.Rh8 Kf7 4.R1h7 winning the queen.

  4. Well done guys.

    Grandelius – Duda, Warsaw, 8th Nov 2013

    36. Rh7!! Qg5
    (36… Kf7 37. Qe3! (or d2). White wins. There is no defence against R1h6.)
    37. R1h4!?
    (37. f6! Qxf6 38. Rh8+ Kf7 39. Rxf8+ Kxf8 40. Rf1)
    37… Rf6 38. Rh8+ Kf7 39. Rg4 Qc1 40. Rh7 Rh6 41. Rgxg7+ Kf6 42. Qf1 Qxf1+ 43. Kxf1 Rxh7 44. Rxh7 Bf7 45. Kg2 Rg8 46. Kh3 Be8 47. Kh4 Rg7 48. Rxg7 Kxg7 49. g4 1-0

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