19th December

With so little time remaining until the holidays (and all those big events coming up), it is time to take the training seriously. From here on, it will only get harder.

8 thoughts on “19th December”

  1. If the knight moves, the black queen is under attack, but black can always answer with Rxd2+. Always? No! After 1. Ne2! Qc7 2. Lh6 the queen can’t guard the rook and the checkmate at the same time. After 2… Qb6+ 3. Rd4 Qxh6 4. Rxd8+ white is an exchange up.

  2. Michael Bartlett

    1 Ne2! is met with Rxd2+.

    After the knight recaptures it is not clear how to convert the position. I feel like this position calls for something more incisive.

    I would be more inclined to go e6 (cutting off the queen from defence and then bishop h6)

  3. Michael Bartlett

    Oh yes, of course Ne2 does block the check, you are right. I was typing Ne2 and thinking Nf3 for some unknown reason! 🙂

  4. @Morgain Le Fey
    Yang Kaiqi – Wang Yue, Chinese Championship 11.11-2013

    27. e6?? and lost after 27… f4! 28. Qxf4 Rf8 29. Nf5 Qxe6 30. g4 Bxf5 0-1

    Winning was instead 27. Ne2! Qc7 (27… Rxd2 28. Bxb6 axb6 29. Qg5 Rd7 30. Nf4+-) 28. Bh6 Qb6+ 29. Rd4! and White wins

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