22nd December

Behind this door we find a very promising position. But pay attention!

2 thoughts on “22nd December”

  1. 1… Rxe2 is tempting, but after 2. a7 white has chances to survive. Better ist 1… d3 2. exd3 Qh1+ 3. Qg1 Qf3 and the pawns on d3 and a6 are falling with check, because the white king should not go to the third rank.

  2. I am on holiday and don’t have the names with me. In the game there as no pawn on a3, but the best move was still 1…d3!! as Morgan Le Fey explains. But Black took on e2 and won anyway, as the position was hard to defend for White. With the extra pawn on a3 only 1…d3 wins.

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