Quality Chess Newsletter – Big Prizes and a Fine New Book

Dear Quality Chess Reader,

Apologies for the long gap between newsletters – we have all had our heads down working on books. I can promise that our next newsletters will follow more swiftly.

In the past few months, Quality Chess books have been awarded a couple of prestigious prizes.

Judit Polgar’s How I Beat Fischer’s Record was the English Chess Federation’s Book of the Year.

Axel Smith’s Pump Up Your Rating won the ChessCafe Book of the Year prize.

Congratulations to both authors on their well-deserved success.

We have a new book available from shops on March 5th – Grandmaster Repertoire 17: The Classical Slav by Boris Avrukh. I am particularly keen on this one, as a brilliant analyst provides a world-class repertoire based on my favourite opening.

Learn more about our future titles at our Coming Soon page.

The chess files (in pgn and pdf) contain a few incidents from Quality Chess people at the British Chess League, including me showing how not to play the Slav. I would like to emphasize that the line I played is not part of Avrukh’s repertoire.


John Shaw

Chief Editor

Quality Chess

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