Big novelty by Kramnik!?

Being a bit nervous calling anything a novelty these days, we think that Kramnik has widely increased our knowledge of the QGA this morning with a novelty!?

9.a3! and once again Kramnik manages to get into a position with opposite coloured bishops!

3 thoughts on “Big novelty by Kramnik!?”

  1. I found a game Janczarski-Bartel, feb 2013, 115th YMCA Master (Warsaw) with 9. a3. Given the strength of the players probably no deeply prepared novelty, but could be that it triggered Kramnik. Looks quite interesting at least…

  2. A subtle, yet crushing finish with Rf6 (instead of just grabbing pawn with Rxg6) and then Bg5 and THEN grabbing the pawn with a double threat. At least to players at my level this has a certain lack of obviousness, perhaps even elegance. The pinned knight was a real thorn for black.

  3. Great play by Kramnik. Have not looked at the games with analysis engine but Karjakin’s plan of taking on C3 and then QD5-C4 looked a bit suspicious to my not very well trained eye. I think maybe that bf5 swapping the Bishop for a horse on E4 then retreating the dark squared bishop from b4 to e7 at some point may be safer. Not sure if you can do all this of course [ Bet Kramnik knows!]

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