The Classical Slav – covering the missing line

As I mentioned in a previous post, we failed to cover a line of the Exchange Variation in The Classical Slav. If you click on the following pdf link, you will find analysis by GM Boris Avrukh which fills the gap.

We shall also include this update in pgn form in our next newsletter. This is our standard policy when we spot errors and omissions, perhaps especially in repertoire books – mention the problem and make the solution freely and widely available.

5 thoughts on “The Classical Slav – covering the missing line”

  1. Rainer Albrecht

    The only other omission I found in Avrukh´s great book is the variation 5.Ne5 (Timman, Korchnoi, Mamedyarov) in the main line.

  2. @Rainer Albrecht

    Thanks for mentioning this, Rainer. I agree 5.Ne5 should have been mentioned, even though it is no threat. I would have been happy if all we had on it was “If 5.Ne5 then 5…Nbd7 and after 6.Nxc4 b5 7.Ne3 Bb7 and Black is at least equal.”

    It is strange: I have been playing the Slav exclusively against 1.d4 for about 15 years now, and no one has ever played 5.Ne5 (as far as my memory and the database knows). Still, a sentence or two on it would have been a quick and useful addition.

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