ACP award – Part II, the decision

I am very flattered by the support for Strategic Play. We were not really in doubt that Pump Up Your Rating would get a lot of support, but which book that should accompany it in the vote was by no means clear. It seems that no one cared that Calculation won the ACP award last year. Personally that would make me pick a different book and we might still do this. We will decide it on the editorial meeting tomorrow. This would not be unfair in this particular case, as the author can ask his publisher not to nominate his book for the prize. I will basically leave it in the hands of the editors.

4 thoughts on “ACP award – Part II, the decision”

  1. I realized I have many of your books, and they’re all great. (Thanks!) But not autographed. How can I buy an autographed copy of Strategic Play and have it shipped to the US?

  2. @Boki
    The right thing to do is to order it the Thursday before publication and drop Claire a note.

    If the author is in the office, we will always be happy to sign the books. If the authors are not, you have to track them down personally.

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