Danish Championship 2014

Having barely survived writing Endgame Play and a tour of Scottish whiskey distilleries with three old friends, where I was the driver, I have escaped Scotland for the gorgeous location of Rebild in Northern Denmark for the yearly Championship. I know, I know, I am retired. But this does not mean that I am not allowed to combine a holiday with a chess tournament. I am getting teased a lot in the office (not expecting sympathy) because I am retired, but to be honest, I act like a retired chess tourist. I don’t prepare a lot, I spend time chatting with friends and even giving a few training sessions with GMs during the tournament. Not behaviour I would approve of if it was one of my students displaying it.

I will put updates during the tournament here instead of the 2-3 next training posts. I hope I will be forgiven for this.

3 thoughts on “Danish Championship 2014”

  1. Jacob, good that you get to relax a little after all the hard work you put in for us. You deserved it. I always like to read the training posts, and I am looking forward to the next ones. In the meantime I’m enjoying your updates about the tournament. May you have good results and much fun!

    1. Thank you. It makes a big difference to be reminded that a few people actually read this stuff; especially on the days when I do not feel like writing, but force myself to do it. Please do come with questions or comments; it is part of keeping the process alive.

  2. @Jacob Aagaard
    Hey Jacob
    Don’t worry plenty of us enjoy and read your training posts.
    Some of us may not post many remarks simply because we don’t feel we have much of value to add because of our own lower standard of understanding of the game.
    Good luck in the tournament

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