Judit Polgar 2nd Volume Name Change!?

I am wondering if we should call FROM GM TO TOP TEN for From GM to Queen of the Castle! Congratulations to Judit and Mihail; I hear they are opening the champagne bottle tonight!

Anyway, Quality Chess continues its reign, holding on to all of the top awards: ACP, ECF, ChessCafe and Chess Publishing. The only major award we do not currently hold is FIDE’s Boleslavsky award, which can only be won by registered chess trainers and where the competition is lower. We also have a lot of respect for the Guardian Award, but alas, we do not currently hold it as far as I know :-).

3 thoughts on “Judit Polgar 2nd Volume Name Change!?”

  1. From me as well! Polgar’s books are high on my list, but somehow other books have been even higher on the list the past months (Avrukh’s Slav book, volume 1 on Tal, GM Rep Endgame Play) 🙂

  2. Read it and fall in love! If not with Judit (all though she does come through as very charming) then with her captivating enthusiasm and drive and with the fantastic chess. You cannot avoid being inspired. And Ray: take a break from all the opening books and boring exercise improvement stuff. Get a real chess book. One that makes you enjoy chess and puts a smile on your face every time you get a chance to pick it up. You will not regret it.

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