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I will put up a publishing schedule in a moment, but I just wanted to address the slide of THINKING INSIDE THE BOX. Basically, I am a bit worn out after doing ENDGAME PLAY, which as I have already attested, I will have spent about 1000 hours on preparing. This includes: finding positions, analyse them, use them with students, have two seminars in Denmark with the elite, write the text, rewrite the text, find new exercises after Karsten Mueller busted about 15 of them, rewrite changes from Karsten (big thanks once again), typeset the book, proof read the book, make more changes because I was worn out and made too many mistakes…

Am I whining? Yeah, a bit (read a lot). But I am knackered. I want to take it easy for a while and do some easy things.

So, I will go back to BOX somewhere after the Olympiad (should there be one). I have the ideas and I am eager to make it my best work. Which is also pressure and less easy than it once was (kinda still very happy with Positional Play!).

So I am helping two friends write their books at the moment. It is less difficult, as they have the last say and their names are going on the cover. And then I am looking after my students.

I might also help John a little with the second Playing 1.e4 book, as he is finding it tough to both write and be the Managing Director.

So it has been moved to 2015. Sorry to the 3-4 people looking forward to it. And to the rest of you, you will not be disappointed by what I am doing instead. Probably those 3-4 people will more than forgive me. We have a treat coming in the autumn…

9 thoughts on “Thinking Inside the Box – update”

  1. Aren’t you a bit exaggerating here? It can’t be more than 2 people looking forward to it 🙂 But seriously, I think it’s a very wise decision and there’s plenty of other great books to keep me busy in the meantime (I’m not even halfway Positional Play and after that all the other volumes in GM Preparation). By the way, I’m also very much looking forward to Playing 1.e4, so great you’re helping out there 🙂

  2. Jacob Aagaard

    Looking at the feedback here, indeed only two people care! Yes, I am not worried about there not being enough good material out there either. The books I will assist in writing are great too :-).

  3. Do what you need to do. I am confident you can figure out for yourself how to produce your best work :). But I must warn you that improving on some of your other titles will definitely be a challenge.

  4. 4.

    I agree with Ray when he states that we can practise patience and enjoy your other books in the meantime. Don’t overwork yourself, take care of yourself and start with the new book at least a month after you feel you are ready again. Even without the treat in autumn I would forgive you.

    Just a way of saying “thanks” for all the splendid work you did in the past.

  5. Make that 5!

    I probably won’t be ready for the 6th one anyway until well into next year. I recently started Attack and Defense. The first three took me about 2 years. I figured the next 3 will also take a good 2 years. Part of that is the fact that I read about 6 books at a time, not just one, the others currently being what I’m currently studying in terms of openings for White, Black vs e4, and Black vs d4, along with The Grandmaster Battle Manual and one other middlegame book.

    Is Thinking Inside the Box the last one, or will that one that we voted on the Brown versus Red cover come as a 7th edition sometime in late 2015 or 2016?

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