The Experiment – Small update

So I went from 97.3 kg to just over 88 kg in 28 days. The big question is of course, what would my weight stabilise at? Around 90.8 kg it seems. This fits quite well with the big initial drop in weight I had on the juice fast.

I feel very healthy and energetic. No regrets. I ran my fastest ever 5k Sunday morning (32.11). I have had two bawls of ice cream, both watching movies (cinema and with the kids at home), but I have not returned to my chocolate addiction. I might not take the ice cream next time it is offered. I do not really feel it did much for me.

We will see where I am in a month.

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  1. Good luck with your efforts. The description of the juice-only diet sounded scary but it seems to have worked for you. I’ve been doing a fasting diet. The theory says do two days a week at a quarter of the recommended calorie intake i.e. 600 calories for a man. I’ve done it, mostly just one day a week, sometimes missing a week altogether. On the other days you eat what you want and never do two fast days together. the psychological benefit is you don’t feel as if you are on a diet. You can promise yourself that treat e.g. a cooked breakfast. However, similarly to your not returning to chocolate, the side-effect is a general improvement in habits on the non-fasting days. I’ve gone from over 92kg to just under 83, having hit a minimum of nearly 80. At 83kg my BMI is just under 25 and I feel much better for it.

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