Diary from the Tromso Olympiad – Round 7

Finally I got a rest day! Which also means (thinking of the playing hall) that I did not go there. But I did follow the games a bit on the Internet.

Davor Palo got a slightly worse position and was ground down. Chess is hard sometimes.

Allan Stig Rasmussen got what he had prepared and a big advantage. He also played really well and won a good game.

Jakob Vang Glud’s position early on looked risky as far as we could tell, but apparently it was preparation and Jakob got out of the opening with a nice position with lots of options. His opponent could not contain all the tactical threats and was torn to pieces.

Mads Andersen got an advantage – I think he was following Negi actually. But at an important moment he realised that a draw was a good outcome and forced it.

A great match for us. Tomorrow we will play Norway3, which has not performed greatly (unlike Norway2!).

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    In recent Checkpoint column Hansen reviews “Grandmaster Repertoire 12: The Modern Benoni” by Marian Petrov 🙂

    He wrote: “Petrov has done a very good job, as did Kotronias, of taking on Avrukh and presenting a repertoire for black. The Grandmaster Repertoire series is supposed to be good enough to be used by grandmasters and it is; there was only one book that disappointed me 🙁 All I can say is that Quality Chess is serious about their books and the authors reflect that obligation and do their best to live up to it.”

    Jacob, which book he meant? Your?

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