Diary from a fried brain – End of Tromso Olympiad

Round 10 was another disappointment. Davor held a draw against a good player on board one, while Mads and I had winning chances on boards 3 and 4. At some point Mads entirely lost control and went from winning to entirely lost. A draw was a lucky result.

I had the advantage when I mixed something up in my head and repeated the position for the third time! I was perplexed when my opponent explained it to me, but there was nothing that could be done. The PC says I have some advantage, but I am not really sure the result would have been different had we played on. Still a weird experience.

Allan had a very bad day at the office, losing his third game with White in the tournament. Bummer.

On the rest day I went home. It took 14 hours (three planes), so sorry I did not update the blog before now. To be honest, I am still very very tired.

In the last round we won 3-0. Not a great tournament for us. Jakob won rating and Davor did well until the end. Allan, Mads and I have nothing to be happy about. I lost 3 rating points, but really showed no great chess. I have already decided that I will not annotate a game for the Danish magazine. I just did not play a single good game!

China won the men’s event. It is only the second big title to go to China (outside Women’s chess). The first being Yu Yangyi’s win in the World Junior last year. Again he was the hero with the highest performance of the whole tournament.

On a positive note a good friend of mine made a medal, though he could not care less, as the team did badly…

2 thoughts on “Diary from a fried brain – End of Tromso Olympiad”

  1. Dear Sir, I would like to ask a question which make me always thinking. Why there is a difference between the level of play and the level of understanding in chess? I mean I usually think that I understand chess very well. but when playing my results not seems that convincing. I noticed something like this for the authors and trainers of Chess. It seems to me that book authors should be the world champions! they have a lot of knowledge and understanding which can’t be described by even the top grandmasters! Why then they are still losing games strangely? Sometimes with elementary tactics? There is a big secret here which if we solve it will improve our play a lot. But until this moment I have no answer. Thanks for listening and hope to find a clue in your reply..

  2. @M.Hisham
    It is a simple thing actually. Chess is a funny game in the way that before you know what the best move is, it might be impossible to find it (for you personally), but after you know what the right move is, you cannot unlearn it quickly (over time maybe). At that point you cannot live yourself into the feeling of not being able to see the idea. It is quite curious that :-).

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