Authors in action

Our authors usually either start as our friends or end up that way, so we like to see them playing well:

Mihail Marin has just finished first equal in the Reykjavik Open, with his 1.c4 repertoire scoring heavily.

The April FIDE rating list shows Tiger Hillarp Persson as Sweden’s new Number 1 at a chunky 2618.

And, as I mentioned a few days ago, IM Sabino Brunello won his second GM norm a few weeks ago.

Congratulations to them all.

John Shaw

3 thoughts on “Authors in action”

  1. Well this seems good, but tell me please John, when can I commend you for your stunch hard work on KING’S GAMBIT, or perhaps should I blame you for stumbling on deadlines?

    I want crystal clear answer: when will be KING’S GAMBIT BOOK be in stores?

  2. Efim,

    I would recommend blaming me for stumbling on deadlines. There can be no crystal clear answer as I don’t know the exact date the book will be finished. We’re working on it, though. When we have a guaranteed date, we’ll announce it.

  3. I noticed Marin seemed to favour 2. g3 in that recent tournament, including against 1…c6 – a clue perhaps on what he will be recommending in his books.

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