GM Lars Schandorff lecture in Edinburgh 30th October – 2nd November

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Quality Chess author and National Coach of the Danish elite GM Lars Schandorff is coming to Edinburgh to give a 15 hour lecture on aggressive positional chess, with a starting point in the games of Bobby Fischer.


The lectures will take place in Edinburgh Chess Club on 1 Alva Street in the heart of Edinburgh. Attendance costs £80 for the full session and £50 for those aged 24 or less. Also those travelling from outside Scotland will get this discount.

The timings are:

Thursday           30th October     18.30-22.00

Friday               31st October      18.30-22.00

Saturday            1st November    14.30-18.30

Sunday              2nd November   12.30-16.30

Registration is through GM Jacob Aagaard at or by joining the group on the Quality Chess page on Facebook (when I get it set up).

18 thoughts on “GM Lars Schandorff lecture in Edinburgh 30th October – 2nd November”

  1. Hello,

    for what level of chess players is the session aimed? Is it appropriate for a player rated 2350, or is it going to be more basic?

    Thank you,

    1. Those signed up so far have about 2300 in average. But the lectures are not limited to players of that level by any means. The thing with chess is that it can be explained to players on different levels at the same time without anyone losing out. Sure, we will see different things, but this also happens with the tactical and the technical players at exactly the same rating.

      So, if anyone feel attracted to attend, do not worry about the level and just show up.


    ### hole in Shaw’s “The King’s Gambit” ###

    Hi John,

    In his recent book “Bologan’s Black Weapons in the Open Games” GM Bologan writes on page 103:

    “Now comes the main line of Kieseritzky Gambit: 5.Ne5. After the logical 5… d6 6.Nxg4 I analyze Bilguer’s Line 6… Be7. This is bad news for players who are relying on the most recent book about the King’s Gambit because GM John Shaw doesn’t say a word about it!”

    Well man defend yourself 🙂


    I just saw your comment now. No defence is needed. In the position after 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ne5 d6 6.Nxg4 it is not a “hole” or an error that I cover only 6…Nf6 (“The only move I am interested in”). It is exactly what I intended to do – give a completely trustworthy equalizer against the 4.h4 line.

    My book is not a repertoire book, and it is especially not a repertoire book that suggests meeting 3…g5 with 4.h4. In fact, 4.h4 is my second or third favourite move in that position. I would rather play 4.Nc3 or, on a very lively day, maybe 4.d4. In the 4.h4 line if Black is friendly enough to play 5…Nf6 (instead of 5…d6!) then it can be great fun to play (as I hope the book shows) but 5…d6 is no fun.

    Still, I will be interested to see the Bologan book, but I don’t have it yet.

  4. Hello, its mission imposible to buy something from your site :(.

    Im trying to register to buy something directly from your page this message doesnt allow me to proceed from step checkout 1 ˇ”Must not be less than 5 characters long! * ”

    Its post code of my town which is 4 characters long. Europe, not UK, i choosed my country from my list but cant finish order.

    Sorry for writing this in this topic. Please, help, and one more question, is there still a special offer to get 3rd book (San Luiz) if I order 2 or 3 books?

  5. @k.r.

    Hello again k.r.,

    I suggested a solution in reply to you in the other thread.

    Yes, still a free San Luis if you buy 3 other books (not 2) and are in the EU. As Jacob suggested, we are expanding the offer to make it “San Luis OR selected other free book” but that is a work in progress.

  6. @k.r.
    Lots of Danes have had no problem ordering from us, so this is surprising. Maybe a bug i. The latest update of the software. Hopefully it will not persist for long.

  7. These are easy fixes for your webmaster, just tell them when there is a problem.

    The minimum postal code is now 3 digits (down from 5)
    password minimum 5 digits (down from 6)
    phone number is 9 digits (down from 10)
    mobile phone number 9 (down from 10)
    fax 9 (down from 10)

  8. Graham Morrison

    Thanks to Lars Schandorff, and to Jacob and the Quality Chess team, for these excellent sessions, which I (and everyone else as far as I could tell) found very enjoyable and instructive.

    Lars has a friendly and engaging presentation style, with lots of two-way interaction with his audience (both in the sessions, and during the coffee break chats) which quickly won over his audience.

    Lars did a great job of illuminating Fischer’s style, strengths and opening tastes via great games and a few exercises. He also gave excellent insights into what made Fischer so great as a player and how his brand of ‘aggressive positional chess’ differed from the likes of Capablanca, Botvinnik, Karpov, Kasparov and Carlsen. Lars also led the group in some workshops where we jointly developed a system against the English opening based on a Fischer favourite.

    A terrific four days. Here’s hoping for more training sessions in Scotland such as these!

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