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Just back from holiday in Legoland/Copenhagen. Time to write, write, write. So much to say, so bloody mute!

OK, regarding the publishing schedule. Sometimes things slide. Why? Can be a lot of things. A chapter having to be completely rewritten by the author? The chess being proved wrong in the book at a very late stage? An editor making poor choices? The author making poor choices and the editor deciding to leave them, then deciding to do the right thing and (re)fix them?

Many things like this happen.

We have one publication date to announce: Judit Polgar’s A GAME OF QUEENS will be out on the 5th of November. At the end of November, we will publish THE MODERN TIGER by Tiger Hillarp Persson, and Maizelis’ THE SOVIET CHESS PRIMER in our series of classics, as well as Mauricio Flores Rios’ CHESS STRUCTURES – A GRANDMASTER GUIDE. OK, maybe early December; the printer will decide and there is always a competition with Finnish and Swedish Christmas catalogues!

Finally, we are working hard on POSITIONAL DECISION MAKING IN CHESS by Boris Gelfand. He needs to return from three events before we can finish it. We are also working on the double volume on the MAR DEL PLATA variation by Vassilios Kotronias, Negi’s 2nd volume in his 1.e4 series and of course the never-ending struggle to get a full book out of John… We hope to have some of these out in January.

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  1. @SlavoF
    I hope it will not be too long. I know Emanuel is almost finished. Andrew needs a few weeks to finish the 2nd Negi book and then he can get to the French. Maybe January!? It feels a bit optimistic, but I always err in that direction (on principle!?)…

    1. In general we do not debate the content to before publication to great extent, as it easily because a loss of time. I hope we will have it out in February, but we have not received the Meran sections from Lars yet, so there are no guarantees there.

      The main thing I want to say is that he starts with White 5th moves and that he has two options against 5.Bg5.

  2. @Thomas
    Tiger and Judit are the last books out before Christmas I think!? Also The Soviet Chess Primer, which starts with teaching the moves and then moves on to quite complex things.

  3. Ok, I was asking because of some reseller announcements stills quoting December for some QC books. It seems you changed your announcements today.
    So for now it’s the tiger and the lioness, and much other good stuff early in the new year.

  4. Jacob – could you provide some info about the upcoming book CHESS STRUCTURES – A GRANDMASTER GUIDE.

    When can we see a preview.

  5. Gilchrist is a Legend

    I see a little update on the sales page: it now says 10 December for Tiger’s book. I shall place my order right now.

  6. Did the Chess Structures book drop out of the late Nov/early Dec release batch? It is not on your web sales page yet and don’t see any update on the blog. Thanks.

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