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I have been doing the Monday training blogs for about a year, sort of training myself to write THINKING INSIDE THE BOX, which I hope will be my best book yet. I am starting to feel ready to give that project a full swing, which also means that I will not be writing more of those blog posts in 2015.

We will do some other things in order to make the blog interesting, as well as keep you informed on what we will be doing with new books and so on.

It has been fun, now let’s try something else :-).

9 thoughts on “Personal update”

  1. Many thanks from me as well; the blogs were very interesting and thought provoking as well. I also appreciate that you repeatedly gave everybody the possibility to ask questions / suggest topics for a next blog. The only thing I regret is that my effort in responding to that kind invitation was nill.

    May you have a lot of inspiration, endurance and strength in writing “Thinking inside the box”!

  2. Same here, many thanks Jacob! I sincerely hope you and your colleagues at QC find some other way to keep this blog alive – I have the impression activity has been declining somewhat in the last months, and it would be a pity indeed if that trend would continue!

    By the way – I read the excerpt of Tiger’s Modern and it looks quite interesting. Another must buy πŸ™‚

  3. @Ray
    I totally agree with you on all of the above points. The new Tiger looks really interesting just like the old one. I’m also seriously considering attending a training session which Tiger will hold in Copenhagen in December!

  4. By the way, it would be really interesting if Tiger could also write a book from the white perspective, e.g. Tiger’s King-s Indian Attack / RΓ©ti / 1.g3 πŸ™‚

  5. It is a real pleasure to read your training tips Jacob! I start saving the money for your best book of all the series. I am looking forward to this book as I wonder how you are going to explain a lot of things we have discussed at this GREAT blog (especially at “Jacob Aagaard’s training tips”).

    Good luck and I wish you creative approach, fresh ideas and many shocking ideas! πŸ™‚
    PS. Ofc thanks a lot for your blogging – it is one of the chess places I visited at least once a week!

  6. Jacob,

    I wasn’t sure if this was the appropriate forum to ask this question, but I figured that it is better than anything else available.

    I have always heard from strong players that it is good to study books at your level and that studying books that are too difficult for you might be detrimental to your progress.

    With that in mind, I was wondering if you thought it should be required reading for lower rated players (let’s say 1600-1900) to study your Excelling at Chess series prior to studying your GM Prep books. I thought I had read somewhere that your Excelling books were aimed at a slightly lower rating than your GM books, but I figured I should ask you directly before diving in to the GM Prep series. If that elo range is incorrect please advise on what the intended rating range is for both series (let’s say a minimum rating one should be at before starting the books.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.


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