Free ‘Book of the Month’ for January/February

Recently we have been running a special offer – if you buy three books or more and live inside the European Union (as defined by UPS) we will send you an extra book free.

For the past few months, the default option on the free book has been Champions of the New Millennium but we will change that now to TACTIMANIA.

But if you already have TACTIMANIA, or would prefer a different freebie, then send us an email with your order, asking to have it replaced with one of the following titles:


I added True Lies in Chess to that list. Please note this book is also available free on the Forward Chess app. The app is of course also free, so if you have not tried Forward Chess yet, then reading True Lies in Chess would be a great way to start. All you need is an Apple or Android device (not free).

40 thoughts on “Free ‘Book of the Month’ for January/February”

  1. Yes, buy 6 individual books, and you get 2 free ones extra.

    The exception to that rule is if you buy a Special Offer, you get (only) one extra free book with it, no matter how many books are in the Special Offer. This is because the Special Offers are already heavily discounted. So, for example, to get the Yusupov special offer plus 3 free books would be more generous than my heart could take.

  2. A shame about Norway. Some carriers include us in they’re EU rates even though we’re not really members, only EEC members (we have a trade agreement and have to implement lots of EU directives – according to “Yes to EU” people still bitter they lost that vote in ’94, we have taken on all the downsides of membership while bizarrely refusing to have any say in Brussels!).

    Maybe UPS are worried about having to ship to Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Bouvet Island or Queen Maud’s Land in Antarctica – the mighty kingdom of Norway truly spans the globe! Though they they still have to reach Greenland, the Carribean, Pitcairn and Antarctica (another part), don’t they? The EU is not at all limited to Europe either.

  3. @Stigma
    I think they are annoyed at being stopped in customs. But it is also a question of access. I am sure that they could include Oslo only or something like this, if they wanted to. But our Norwegian customers often get their stuff delayed in customs, I think.

  4. Is there any link where we can see what is EU according to UPS and what is not. Before I had a very bad experience with customs in BG and lost lot of time dealing with declarations, documents, manufacturer, etc.
    Recently I am not facing such issues if my parcels come from UK/Nederlands/Italy and any full EC/EU member country. But any parcel coming from outside the EU is a nightmare. They do not deliver to the address I specified, but instead are asking me to go to their office, fill documents/declarations etc etc.
    That is why I prefer to create 2 orders each containing 2 books which will be shipped from UK and for those extra 5-15 EUR for shipping I save a whole half-day of my time. Shame is I cannot qualify for a freebie, but does it deserve the time lost dealing with stupid couriers and customs? For that lost time I can earn the amount spent on the order and full shipping cost.

  5. @Milen Petrov
    We have to ask our guys in Poland each time. You can always send a note to salesgroup@ that you want the books posted from the UK and get the free postage. The UPS service is hassle free for us and costs the same. For most people it is better. But we can make a few exceptions.

  6. @Paul
    No one knows really πŸ™ One have to ask our customs and typical bureaucracy, but they more like UK/Germany/Nederlands than any other European country. And as a side note UPS delivery takes almost double longer than RoyalMail – when I order and it is shipped with RM it takes usually 5-7 days (in some cases I got my parcel in just 3-4 days), with UPS it usually takes 10-15 days. Anyway I am going to order the new titles (those coming in early Feb) very soon. Jacob, are there any changes in the plans, please?

  7. Gilchrist is a Legend

    Of course, unless next time the Olympiad moves further north from TromsΓΈ to Longyearbyen, maybe Norway can get included in the list next time..

  8. Is there any news regarding John Shaw’s ‘Playing 1.e4’?

    I think we all know ND is recommending the Scotch, big keen to know what hs will recommend against Caro-Kann, Pirc and Scandy.

    Also hope it will be available in Hardback?

  9. I think we also know that since Negi covered 3.Nd2 against the Caro, that “Playing 1.e4” will cover the Advance. The Schandorff books are available in hardcover – I’d be surprised if this series wasn’t.

  10. I would want Panov vs Caro, if only because it happens that I play it with colours reversed against some minor lines of the Tarrasch.

  11. @Ed @rigao

    Definitely Advance against the Caro, but I should not commit to more detail than that, as there is always a chance of a last-minute change if someone here has an inspired thought.

  12. @JJZG
    My own Endgame Play has been widely praised. I think you will like it. But no, we will not have a stand in Jerusalem. But we should check if there will be a book seller. Thank you for asking!

  13. Hello guys this is my 1st comment here …..
    plz help me to find 2-3 books which i should read .
    i want to increase my OTB rating but sadly i dont have any Fide rating because i have not played any fide rated tournament ( my rating is 1400 ).
    Currently i am preparing for a Inter University tournament which will be held around November 2015.
    So, plz suggest 2-3 books based on my level which i should read to increase my Level .

  14. @JJZG
    currently i am reading How to Reasses your Chess 3rd edition
    and then will work on Yusupov books in Orange πŸ™‚

  15. Rachit :
    currently i am reading How to Reasses your Chess 3rd edition
    and then will work on Yusupov books in Orange

    You mean the completely rewritten 4th edition I hope? πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, even the old 3rd edition is solid stuff. Silman usually doesn’t tell nonsense.

  16. Our main recommendation to ANYONE under 2000 is to read the Yusupov books. The Three series are colour coded. Orange first. They are the best thing out there for building a foundation of chess understanding.

  17. @JJZG
    Martin Weteschnik book is double edged… I think the first part (the one on the first edition if I am not mistaken) is quite elementary and would be good for a non-rated player. The addition to the second edition (the problems) is harder and I (2200) found a lot of challenging problems (solved correctly around 4/5 of the problems, not w/o efford).

    I must add that that I only read the second part of the book as it was lended to me and I wanted to return it fast, hence my opinion on that part may not be so relevant.

  18. @Jesse
    first of all Thanks for the reply and ya i was thinking the same and will follow @Jacob Aagaard Sir advice and will finish Yuspov’s books First and then look on other books
    hope i will finish those 3 Orange books before June 2015

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