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As said earlier, I will stop giving exact estimated dates, as they are confusing people. An estimate is not a commitment, but how things will work out if everything runs smoothly. Alas, it rarely does, so I am coming with these rather vague dates instead. I hope they will concur better with people’s expectations.

Three books are confirmed for next Wednesday (Note to self – put Boost your chess 1 on the webshop). GM2 is written and a lot has been edited. However, the book is so big, so we are not 100% certain about the 17th February publication date.

Anyway, here is the list:

Jacob Aagaard Attacking Manual Volume 2 27 January 2010
Jacob Aagaard Attacking Manual Volume 1 2nd edition 27 January 2010
Artur Yusupov Boost your Chess 1 27 January 2010
Boris Avrukh Grandmaster Repertoire 2 – 1.d4 Volume Two 17/24 Feb 2010
Mihail Marin Grossmeister Repertoire 3 – 1.c4 e5 17/24 Feb 2010
Boris Alterman The Alterman Gambit Guide – White Gambits March 2010
Milos Pavlovic The Cutting Edge: The Open Sicilian 1 March 2010
John Shaw Quality Chess Puzzle Book March 2010
Lars Schandorff Grandmaster Repertoire 7 – The Caro-Kann March/April 2010
Christian Bauer Play the Scandinavian Defence March/April 2010
Lubomir Ftacnik Grandmaster Repertoire 6 – The Sicilian Defence March/April 2010
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 1 – 1961-1985 April/May 2010
Tibor Karolyi Karpov’s Strategic Wins: Volume 2 – 1986 – 2009 April/May 2010

89 thoughts on “Updated Publishing Schedule”

  1. Nic,

    With all due respect, some the these queries are ridiculous. Obviously, Aagaard and Shaw are trying to trying to deal with it as diplomatically as possibly, so you won’t hear that.

    Just relax, the book will be published soon. Look at it this way. Less time to respond to trivial questions will give them more time to edit the book.

  2. Ponting is a Legend

    Interesting to see an Open Sicilian book appear suddenly without notice. Even more interesting is that it is about the Open Sicilian.

  3. Abramov Anjuhin

    Since you announced Pavlovic’s book you should give us now more information about it. It’s no more a secret.

    I predict that the book revolves around WHITE repertoire, an successor of Experts vs Sicilians πŸ™‚

  4. Excuse me, but I am not at Everyman or any type of publisher, but only a customer. By the way, I’m quite annoyed that people think Nick is me. They are two different names of two different ethnic origins, and I don’t know him.

  5. I have not announced the Pavlovic book – I will do so when it is in the coming soon section. However, I am not generally prone to secrets, so when asked about an updated publishing schedule, I was not going to pretend it did not exist.

    The point is simply that the book is basically done from the author, so we don’t want to waste any time getting it out. Originally it was planned for the early summer.

    It is not a repertoire book, but a book analysing lines that are currently critical. It is a new series we have been working on for some time (idea by Andrew Greet). We hope to have more books in this series before too long; I find it really interesting. Talks with one author is undergoing.

  6. Why is GR6,GR7 getting published ahead of GR4,GR5? Plus GR3 is already out since it is sitting on my table now…this is all a little confusing!

  7. Sigurbjorn Bjornsson

    Great to see that there is another book on the Sicilian in the making, cant wait to see GM Repertoire 6 on the Sicilian and the Pavlovic book sounds exciting as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. There is an error in your estimated publishing dates. You give: Mihail Marin Grossmeister Repertoire 3 – 1.c4 e5 17/24 Feb 2010. That should be volume 2 – 1.c4 WITHOUT e5 as 1.c4 e5 already published

  9. It is a bit confusing that the GM Rep books are not 1, 2, 3 in sequence. However, it would be even more confusing if volume 1+3 was 1.d4, and volume 2+6 was 1.c4. Over time it will turn out that this was the least confusing way to do it.

  10. Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere but I am confused – if that Grossmeister reference is indeed for the German vol 1 of Marins work, when approximately is Vol2 due in English please? Thanks

  11. Ponting is a Legend

    Why is GM Rep 6 the Sicilian, and GM Rep 7 the Caro-Kann instead of GM Rep 5 and GM Rep 6, respectively, as original?

  12. Ponting is a Legend :
    If Marin wrote three volumes, I wonder how many volumes the 1. e4 repertoire will be.

    Perhaps GM4 is dedicated to 1. c4 c5 and GM5 to everything else. Or maybe this is a deliberate ploy by Aagaard and Shaw just to get us to speculate. πŸ™‚

    Are you Australian?

  13. Graham C. Taylor

    Hej Jacob

    what major differences exist between your attacking manuals and Vukovic’s classic works on the attack and the sacrifice? (No doubt you regard both books as superb works.)

    med venlig hilsen


  14. Avrukh will be 2 volumes, don’t fret.

    The major difference are these:

    * Volume 2 is similar to Vukovic’s book, but with a wider area, more accessible language and so on. But essentially, it is in this classic style of books that discuss the attack once it has been established.

    * Volume 1 is deeper. It gives the 7 main positional ideas I consider being at the core of establishing an attack. Tartakower famously said that he could find Alekhine’s combinations, but not get his positions. This book shows how to get these positions.

  15. I am not really wanting to go too deep into the details of the process, but actually, I have just been very very busy the last few months, so that is how it turned out.

  16. Abramov Anjuhin

    Let’s turn our attention to CUTTING EDGE SERIES.

    Since you’ve started with the Sicilian, I as a genuine supporter of Russian power system: THE KING’S INDIAN, expect also that King’s Indian will be covered.

    I’m gonna be totally mad when finally BLACK KING’S INDIAN comes out.
    I can not wait any more!
    Please hurry up!!! :)))

    PS Why are you ashamed with EXPERTS VS SICLIAN. It’s great book but perhaps an update and editing is needed to stand in a row with New in Chess book “Dismantling the Sicilian”. I used to play Sicilian Alapin (2.c3) but since European champion from 2006, a Croatian GM Zdenko Kozul, instructed me to abandon it and play main lines, I immediately took long time ago bought book EXPERTS VS SICLIAN and studied proposed reperoire. A change in play was like to kiss a nice girl in comparison to kiss a plastic doll.

    Thanks for good book, but please do not throw it out of limelight to easy.

  17. Jacob Aagaard :
    1.e4 will be three volumes.
    The Cutting Edge 1 – The Open Sicilian 1 is now in the coming soon section.

    Wow could you give us more details on this? Who is writing it and when will it be published? What will be the choices against Najdorf, French and Caro-Kann for example? Also How will it compare to Khalifman’s series?

    I really like the cutting edge series. Could you do one for Grunfeld please πŸ™‚

  18. Experts was great, but it is impractical to get all the authors together to update it. Maybe we will do something similar in the future, but not exactly the same.

    1.e4, 3 x 500 pages, written by yours truly, out in 2011. It will surely kill me.

    KID x 2 x 300 pages out in 2011, written by a 2600 passionate devotee to the opening. It will be great, trust me.

    Cutting Edge will start with 2x open Sicilian. Some ideas about what to do next, but not Grunfeld – we are doing a GM Repertoire in that opening.

  19. it would be great to see a new book for black against 1.d4.
    you have no less than 3 books coming out soon against 1.e4 (Bauer, Ftacnik and Schandorff) and nothing against d4…
    great to hear you there’s a KID book planned.
    what I’d really love is a universal opening repertoire for black against everything except 1.e4 based on the Slav (c6,d5) or QGD (e6,d5) set-up. πŸ™‚

  20. Wow,Pavlovics book looks great, I like the Idea and the selection of the Variations are excellent.
    I have Pavlovics book on the Marshall, and although it was published by another publisher it is an ecxellent book!!
    looking forward to this

  21. Yes, his first book was published by Everyman, and although it is a direct competitor to ATTACKING THE SPANISH, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess I am a fan first of all. It does seem that Everyman took their time bringing this book out, as they do in general nowadays, but this does not reduce the author’s effort.

    I am glad you like the selection and the concept. The selection is partly mine and partly Milos’, and the concept was thought up by Andrew Greet in a brain storming session.

  22. According to your publishing “repertoire” Quality Chess is so far concentrated mostly on openings.

    But what about strategy and positional play? Which books about that area can you Jacob recommend to us players with Elo 2000+++. How come that you’re lacking in that field. Or you can republish our great patriots classic Russian works!

  23. We have a Suetin book on strategy coming later this year – this should satisfy you.

    But it is true, we mainly deal in opening books. However, we do have the Yusupov series, which is truly unique and superb, as well as the two Attacking Manuals published on 27th.

  24. Ponting is a Legend

    It does not bother me that Quality Chess focus on openings so much. To me their opening books are the best I’ve ever read. Can’t wait for Avrukh Gm Volume 2 and Ftacnik Gm5 (or is it 6?).

  25. It’s time to upload QUALITY CHESS CATALOG 2010, as other distributors/publishers already have.

    Please do not disappoint us with secrecy, we don’t want to live in a day-a-day information regarding your new books.

    Why? We simply don’t want to waste our money on other publishers books which are no match to yours Jacob :=)

  26. I am awaiting the updating of the “Coming Soon” section. With the US dollar strengthening against the Euro, maybe it is good time to pre-oorder a couple of books.

  27. I’m just curious, would Avrukh have time to include any theoretical developments from Corus if there turns out to be some huge novelty? Anyway, I’m eagerly anticipating the book. I’m finding no way to get an advantage with g3 against the Grunfeld and don’t quite know what to do.

  28. Ponting is a Legend

    That could be helpful, or an updated publishing schedule specifying titles after the three books released on 27/1.

  29. It is my intention to do both a catalogue and update the coming soon section with a few more items. The limitation with both is actually getting the covers done. It is easy to make up a short description, but I don’t think it is in our interest to give incomplete information.

    Comparing with Gambit and New in Chess, we have announced more books ahead. Compared to Everyman, we might have announced less, but then our books are not 9-15 months out of date consistently.

    Buying in the states. I would suggest you to look to chess4less and potentially the USCF for our new titles. We have some special arrangements with them, meaning that the books could be there only one week after they are out in the US, and definitely faster than we can send them out.

  30. Jacob Aagaard :
    1.e4, 3 x 500 pages, written by yours truly, out in 2011. It will surely kill me.
    Cutting Edge will start with 2x open Sicilian. Some ideas about what to do next, but not Grunfeld – we are doing a GM Repertoire in that opening.

    So all 3 volumes will be out in the same year?

    The fact that you guys are doing Grunfeld is great news since there are not that many good up to date books on this opening (Rowson’s book is more than a decade old). Who is writing it and any idea when it will come out?

  31. Also one more thing could you guys publish the GM repertoire books in hardcover as well? If there were a hardcover edition of the Grunfeld I would buy it.

  32. The Grunfeld is expected out in the autumn, but the author has just begun working on it. This is also why I do not want to say who it is; wait for the catalogue.

    No plans of hard cover editions of GM Rep. I cannot see that there is business in it, but I shall do another estimate when I get the time.

    Shipping. Our warehouse is in Poland. Usually we ship websales from the UK, with some exceptions (5 books or more). Regarding the US, we ship to Gardena in California by boat, 30-60 days, and then they ship to the shops. Chess4Less and USCF at times take our books by UPS from Poland, meaning they can have them only a few days after they are with the shops in Europe.

  33. Amusingly, this intriguing question has been asked three times already in this thread in various forms and gone unanswered each time. Clearly, you can read from this that the publisher is not yet ready to announce. So a little patience is called for. However, a skilled chess player should surely be able to read behind the lines – the non denials are answer enough. I suppose it will be announced when Quality Chess is good and ready.

  34. They are not ready to announce what is GR5 but boldly chalk down GR6 and GR7 on their schedules, of course this is only going to invite more questions. Why the mystery? It is either that Marin is going for a trilogy, or someone jumped the gun for the e4 series. Just put an end to the speculation already!

  35. Sorry for missing this question earlier. True, I don’t like to announce books on the blog. I do it at times, but I prefer the coming soon section.

  36. The numbering of the GM series is simple. For several volumes (Avrukh, Marin) they like to keep the numbers together.

    I really don’t want to speculate, but to me it looks like the Marin series now is 3 books. This seems reasonable. I would guess that 1.c4 c5 is GM Rep 4 and all other responses are in GM Rep 5.

    We’ll just have to be more patient…

    PS. The Cutting Edge book looks great. Interesting idea. Especially interesting for strong players and CC players.

  37. I have no comments on GM5, but I think there are a lot of very smart people on the blog. We hope to be able to put the new covers online soon – but now I am engulfed in GM2. I want to make this deadline – and it is possible.

  38. @Alias

    Yes, that is pretty much what I said on the first page of this thread. And the fact that it was not refuted by Aagaard was all the answer I needed. I am suspecting and hoping that the plan is to release both GM4 and GM5 together. But considering that I am not even finished GM3, it is not that critical. More from Marin can only be a good thing. He is hands down my favourite author.

  39. My lips are shut.

    Marin is my favourite too – when I read him. Pavlovic is probably one of the favourites to work with. Schandorff is another.

  40. Ponting is a Legend

    Jacob Aagaard :
    I have no comments on GM5, but I think there are a lot of very smart people on the blog. We hope to be able to put the new covers online soon – but now I am engulfed in GM2. I want to make this deadline – and it is possible.

    Jacob Aagaard :
    My lips are shut.
    Marin is my favourite too – when I read him. Pavlovic is probably one of the favourites to work with. Schandorff is another.

    At least Jacob is working hard on all of our favourites, namely Avrukh πŸ™‚

  41. Kostas Oreopoulos

    Your opening manuals are really very good. Keep up the good work. It would be great if we will ever see a good Nimzo e3 book. Its very hard to write a book for that variation, since there are too many transpositions and many attempts to write such a book are really bad, since authors dont really know the opening well.

  42. I think opening books that are basically encyclopedias are a thing of the past. The opening books we do have a more practical outview. Ok, never say never, but…

    About these move orders, I think it could be a nice little article in a Cutting Edge book on the Nimzo, but again, no such plans.

  43. With about 20 days till we will have Avrukh’s second volume, would it be possible for us to get an idea or a small mock up of what is inside that book. Let us say something like a short contents or summary of proposed lines.

  44. I have to say that I’m looking forward to the Karolyi books on Karpov. Great author, great topic!

    How about some books on major openings, such as the Nimzo indian or the Ruy Lopez? I’m not thinking repertoire books, “complete books”, or “Cutting edge” books. It would be great to have a proper overview of these. Something different than Everyman’s “Starting Out” series, Gambit’s “Chess Explained”. Meatier. Something like Wells’ book on the Caro Kann but with even more pages.

  45. Hi Alias, I have to think a bit to understand exactly what you are thinking. I have some ideas (so many ideas, so little time) in this direction already. Maybe one day we will have a look at it. As a start I think one new series a year is a pretty good start!

  46. Well, let’s put it this way. I have 2100 in rating. I’d like to learn good, classical openings such as the NID and RL, but have had problems finding the right material.

    It’s not always easy to pick out books for learing a new opening. Often I don’t like the choices of repertoire books, and the “Starting Out” books have too little information for me.

    I realise that you have a full schedule of books to publish. I just thought I mention what opening books I’d like to see.

  47. I have a question in relation to your order processing system. Would be glad if you clarify how it works. So here is my question.
    I plan to order the following books from your site: AM2, GM Rep2, Boost Up Your chess and Cutting Edge 1.
    I am ready to place my order right now. So my question is: When the payment is processed for items – on the order date or on delivery date. And next one – how the books will be shipped? Does it means that you will ship AM2 and Yusupov immediately (of course up on receiving payment authorisation) and remaining when they are published one by one, or all books will be shipped together when they are available.
    Thanks for your time

  48. Already by Jan 29 Attacking Manual 2 reached me in Frankfurt/Germany via my bookseller! From a very first look the book is worth the long waiting. Decent cover pages, the paper feels good in the hands, sides stay open without any difficulties. And most importantly the content looks very promising. Thanks a lot for the comments on Almasi – Hickl and especially for Bischoff – Jones. Finally a decent comment on this game πŸ™‚

    Of course the book is not on openings, but a short opening reference would have been nice.

  49. Thank you for the positive comments. Our books were sent out in three different batches to three different places – only one is stuck – to our own warehouse!

    Always it is a difficult choice which indexes you should spend time to put in. We are only three guys in the office and we have our plate full, so in some cases effectivity comes before minor possible improvements – in this case a possible index of openings in a middlegame book. I agree it could be a slight improvement, but the time and extra pages and the delay to the publication worked against a serious consideration of including one.

    However, something we are spending time on at the moment is checking all of Avrukh’s chapters carefully, to make sure that all novelties really are novelties. So far we have found about 12 from maybe 250 that are not, in the 200 pages checked so far.

    I have no idea about how big this book will be, but I am sure it will be a page record for us, and that any other publisher would have split the book in two.

  50. Ponting is a Legend

    Very impressive to see that books are received the next day from shipping throughout Europe. How is the current publishing schedule holding up so far?

  51. No need for changes, as far as I can see. We hope to have GM2 ready for 24th as projected, but it is really up to the printer more than us, I think.

    It looks like it will be over 500 pages.

  52. Would you be at liberty to say what Marin proposes against the King’s Indian Defence setup where Black delays …e7-e5?

  53. Lyndell :Would you be at liberty to say what Marin proposes against the King’s Indian Defence setup where Black delays …e7-e5?

    That’s a very good question!

  54. Ponting is a Legend

    Can you post a Table of Contents for GM2 please? It’d be nice to see what’s in this mystery book 3 weeks before it releases.

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