Apparently it is another intelligent marketing ploy to call an, as yet, untitled book in our publishing schedule Hoolabaloo in the draft of the last blog post I wrote. As Colin had edited something incorrectly in a previous blog post, he thought it was a cute way of drawing extra attention to the book. What can I say? Can’t keep raw talent down?!

The book is a small book – probably 128 pages – in the Classics series by one of the true greats of chess writing, Yuri Razuvaev. It is about various ideas in the opening, mainly gambits, written in 2003. A nice light read. The Russian title does not translate well, so we are looking for a cool idea for a title.

Obviously there is a prize – a free copy of the book and your name on page two will be awarded for the best title – the one we use that is. Suggestions below. We will make a decision at our editorial meeting on Monday.

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  1. Hi!

    just to be sure about what book we talking about here, russian title is “Современные гамбитные идеи в шахматной партии” – something like “Contemporary gambit ideas in chess”, right?

    — s.

  2. Gambits are often not “that sound” but lots of fun to play, so why not something like “Spice Up Your Chess”.

  3. “Catastophe In The Editing,” I think.

    But really, isn’t “Hoolabaloo” a football term referring to a Hullabaloo caused by Hooligans?

  4. “Pawn Down: A Revered Russian Trainer’s Thoughts on Aggressive Openings”

    “Energetic Opening Strategy: Learn from One of Russia’s Best”

    I have a penchant for silly-long opening titles with colons, what can I say. Adds some drama. 🙂

  5. “Dawn? Yawn. Pawn!”

    “Red Pawn Rising”


    “I always Sac the Pawns I Love”

    “Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe”

  6. A pawn a day keeps boredom away
    No pawn no glory
    The secret life of pawns after sacs
    A pawn down
    Can Yu sac it? Yes Yu can!
    How to raise your spirit after being pawn down
    Raise Yur Chess
    Razublade Chess
    Sac it and other ways to leave
    Good, Bad, Sacs
    Chess Yoga
    How To: Sacravaev
    Veni Vidi Yuri

  7. Hi Guys, A synonyms word for Gambit is Jig. So how about:
    “The Jig in Chess”,
    “The Jig is in Chess”
    “Getting Jiggy in Chess”

    More to come……

    P.S. Long time reader, first time poster, Big fan Mr.Aagaard!!

  8. edgarallanpoe

    Hello,my proposal is
    gem bites-
    a collection of petite fours in dynamic chess delivered by a russian legend

  9. The knight that got it right
    Pawn(s) to pieces
    The pawn that made a point
    One pawn down seven to go
    Life sacs, mate!
    Pawn perfect

  10. “A pawn is pawn?!”
    “Pawns are living on the edge”
    “Essential Knowledge: Gambit Play in the Opening”
    “A Pawns life – The Fate to be sacrificed”
    “Gambit Play in the Opening from Scratch” 😉
    “More Fun in the Opening? Play Gambits!”
    “How a Miniature is born – Gambit Play for the Brave”
    “Winning under 20 Moves – An Introduction into Gambit Play”
    “Openings for the Brave and the Bold”

  11. Pawns to the left, pieces to the right, this is a gambit fight!
    Tiny little cuty pawn, you won’t make it until dawn
    Veni Vidi Foetsie! (“Foetsie” is Dutch for “gone”)
    From Zero to Hero (is From’s gambit included?)
    Pawnie dreams and knightmares

  12. In the spirit of the original title would be something like:
    – 21st century gambit ideas
    – 21st century gambit play
    – gambit lines for the 21st century
    – gambits of the 21st century
    or some other variation thereof.

  13. – Gambit Armory
    – Gambit Weaponry
    To reflect that it is a loose collection, not a repertoire.
    And maybe a 21st century subtitle. Or “of a russian chess coach”-addendum.

  14. What you ever wanted to know about gambit play – and never dare to ask
    Tired of good positions – try the gambit lines!

  15. Gloomy Gambits Doomy fights
    Gambit for the jugular
    Gambit Grid
    My father went to Russia and all he got me was this book

  16. @Ray
    The only problem with “Russian Roulette” is that they might put the book on the gambling shelf in the bookstore by mistake, with all the hold’em and 21 books.

    Other than that, it’s my favorite that I didn’t come up with. 😉

  17. Creative initiatives
    Creating chances
    Playing for initiative
    Creating possibilities
    Breathing life into the opening
    Lively openings
    Novel Openings
    Creative Gambits

  18. Long time reader/lurker, first time poster and frequent purchaser – here are my suggestions:
    Blast Away Russian Gambits Everytime/Everywhere (BARGE!)
    Quality Under-Appreciated Gambits (QUAG – which is a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot, rather appropriate)
    Russian Power Gambits (RPGs)
    (Possibly a subtitle to the above or standing on its own: ) Put Your Opponents on Their Heels!
    Gambits That Aren’t Half Fast!
    12 Years A Gambit (possbily with a !? or ?! or ? or !)
    Where’s the Gambit?
    12 Years of Gambits Your Opponents Won’t Know
    Does Opening Theory Change That Much In 12 Years?
    Tried ‘N True (TNT)
    Excelling at Gambits (make sure the cover is white)

  19. Tune up your Gambit repertoire
    Pump up your Gambit repertoire
    Pimp your Gambit Repertoire
    A pawn a day, keeps the dry positions away!
    Still life with gambits
    Gang up your game-Play gambits
    Go hard or go home- Gambit time
    Gambit time- take no hostages
    Gambits for King hunters
    Initiative is Power – Go for Gambits

  20. How to loose material and make it ccount?
    SOviet Secrets revealed
    Gambits: from translation to annihilation
    Pocket bible for gambelievers
    Quality Chess with one pawn less
    Shallow secrets
    How to harvest points when pawns are sown

  21. I like your idea.
    My title would be:
    Play Tricky with Gambits or
    The Gamba Gambits or
    A Gambit for a Gambit

  22. Wow! There are about 100 suggested chess titles (many of them are very original and creative titles in my opinion). It is a REALLY tough competition, but the reward (award) is amazing one. Here are my proposals:

    1. “Think twice… before you take (it)”
    2. “Gambits – that’s all what you wanted to know”
    3. “Chess wooden ideas that beats the frozen forces”
    4. “You would not dare to gamble like that”
    5. “Gambit ideas: a small modern guide”
    6. “Gambit – sometimes it is better not to take (it)”
    7. “Capture your attention with gambit attacks”
    8. “Storm at the board – the basic info about gambits”
    9. “Gambit – a tricky way to decept (cheat) your opponent”
    10. “Crazy ideas and their implementation: gambits!”
    11. “It could not have happen if you knew it”
    12. “Gambits as dangerous weapon (to surprise your opponent)”
    13. “Crash test for your opponent’s pieces”
    14. “Gambits – when impossible ideas work well”
    15. “Why gambit works – a small guide to everyone”
    16. “Surprise your opponent playing gambits”
    17. “Amazing ideas that work – a guide to gambits”
    18. “An unexpected openings: gambits as a dangerous weapon”
    19. “Do not trust your opponent – gambit rules!”
    20. “When impossible happens – how and why gambits work”

    I hope these titles may give you some food for thoughts. I am aware that most of them are not creative nor original… but at least I tried to be among winners 😉 :). Good luck Quality Chess team! 🙂

    BTW. When are you going to publish this small book (any expected date release)?

  23. If I counted correctly there are 150 (!) suggestions and additional 20 (mine). You will have a really hard task on Monday at editioral meeting. Just voting and discuss for each title about 2 minutes – it gives a few hours of hard work 😉 :). I am extremally curious who will win – and what were (are) the criteria you are going to choose the (final) title.

    As I remind correctly – there was some kind of competition from Gambit Publication – John Nunn has asked about new original chess title – it was probably 5 or more years ago (published at ChessBase website). I really LOVE such competition (and I bet some people who presented their ideas about the title… too!) 🙂

  24. Mother Ruassia’ s epic openings
    Cross the tundra pawns will fall
    Tundra treasures mini guide
    Loose some pawns, attack with pieces, do it fast, before it freezes
    Gambit games that will last
    One two three a pawn for victory / free

  25. Gambits: how to get more with less
    Gambits: pearls of pleasure, immortalized
    Gambits: a Russian Rhapsody
    Gambits: a feast of the finest delicacies
    Gambits: chess games of bits and pieces

  26. Duncan Harwood

    Gambits Unlocked
    Gambits Explored
    Secrets of the Sacrifice
    Give a Little, Take a Lot
    Sac, Sac, Mate!

  27. Little red book of tricks and treason
    Manual of selected gambit openings
    Loosing pawns, stealing points
    Of pawns and points
    Red pawn rising
    Gambits and other ghost stories

  28. “Gambits, or: the secret love of a highly reputable trainer”

    Subscript: Openings he was not supposed to teach his pupils.

  29. Jacob Aagaard

    The editorial will not be Monday after all. Easter Monday! Probably Tuesday in the middle of the day. No process decided yet. Basically we will get the title that feels right for the book! We will probably think it over a bit.

  30. The contest may be over, but… I can’t believe I didn’t think of this one earlier. In honor of the late, great, British-born American comic, Henny Youngman:

    Take My Pawn, Please!

  31. We have had a few disruptions in the office, currently John is in London, for example. We will get back to this next week for sure.

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