Free ‘Book of the Month’ for April/May

We are continuing our special offer – if you buy three books or more and live inside the European Union (as defined by UPS) we will send you an extra book free.
For the past two months, the default option on the free book has been Tactimania but we will change that now to GRANDMASTER VS AMATEUR.

But if you already have GRANDMASTER VS AMATEUR or would prefer a different free book, then send us an email with your order, asking to have it replaced with one of the following titles:


Also, the excerpt of Avrukh’s Grandmaster Repertoire 1A – The Catalan is now available at the following link. We are still waiting for the final word from the printer, but the publication date looks like April 29th.

My endless to-do list for next week includes working on a Playing 1.e4 book (yes, it will exist) and reading a lot of Razuvaev title suggestions. One of Ray’s suggestions “Razuvaev on Gambits” is a title I had suggested earlier in the office. If we use that title, do I get the free book?

12 thoughts on “Free ‘Book of the Month’ for April/May”

  1. @John: Yes, Congrats! You get a free book. The title is “Playing 1.e4 – Caro-Kann, 1…e5 & Minor Lines”. Should be available soon. If not – blame the author.


    * * * The Modern Tiger by Tiger Hillarp Persson * * *

    Please help!

    I’ve decided to include Modern in my repertoire as Black. Is chapter “The Hippopotamus” obligatory for Black, or it’s a second option for Black? I read intro to the chapter, but I found no clue!

    Thanks for reply.

  3. Karolyi made an excellent job doing Karpovs strategic wins 1,2. Is there an option of making such excellent series on Kasparov?

  4. @Thomas
    I agree, besides I seriously wonder if he would have anything to add to Kasparov himself, wh has just finished a trilogy on his entire chess career.

  5. @k.r.
    I always thought Fischer’s games from the late 60s/early 70s lacked a high quality analyst. Many books, but none of outstanding quality I would say (including My Great Processors).

  6. What we really need is a good book on Spassky’s games. The only one I know of is the two-volume book by Krogius (in Russian), which apparently was a really small printing, as I’ve never seen a copy of the actual book, although if you google around, you can find places that will sell you a softcover print-on-demand.

  7. I’m really really missing a quality book on the outstanding draws of Gheorgiu :-). Just kidding of course. Spassky has played some fascinating chess, but too bad he changed his style into boring ‘draw’ mode in the latter part of his career…

  8. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    @Longinus – Did you not know of this one, or do you just consider it not “good”? I thought it was quite good… Bernard Cafferty, “Spassky’s 100 Best Games” (Batsford, 1972).

    There is also the “red” book, no notes of course, but the games are amazing. “Weltgeschichte des Schachs 27: Spassky” (Verlag Dr. E. Wildhagen, 1970).

    I haven’t read the Soltis book.

  9. @An Ordinary Chessplayer
    I haven’t looked at the Cafferty book personally, it has some bad reviews on Amazon, but perhaps I should reconsider it based on your recommendation. In terms of old books, I do have the Boleslavsky and Bondarevsky book on the Spassky-Petrosian match, which is quite good.

  10. Jacob Aagaard

    I think it must be dated. I read it in the 1980s sometime and it did not strike me as memorable. Sorry.

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