A victory for the minority

I have always known that my dislike of increments puts me in a minority. But I was quite pleased to see how big that minority was!


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  1. If you’re looking for a subject for your next poll, how about asking people how they feel about tournaments that don’t allow draws by mutual consent before a certain number of moves (30-40 usually).

    Where I live (France) more and more tournaments are implementing this rule, and personally I think it’s the most stupid thing ever. It would be interesting to see how others feel about this.

  2. Jacob Aagaard

    @Niall Doran
    Thank you. I will put it up now so it starts next week. If anyone else have any good questions, I will be happy to set up the polls. I will probably take a bit more of a backseat, but will be happy to administrate the polls. Ideally we would have a new one each week, with a thread to accompany it.

  3. Interesting ‘victory’ for the minority when 3x as many voted for the majority. The referendum in Scotland was a bit closer than that!

  4. Jacob

    even if Nicola Sturgeon sends in a demand for no increments to the Glasgow Poly quickplay I’m not sure the result would be any closer. I’m yet to meet a lot of support for the old skool fixed time limits …please don’t suggest adjournments as an alternative though!

  5. A bit late, but I missed the survey, and …
    … I like increments. Because it forces the players to write, taking a lot of work away form the arbiters, and once an arbiter has to intervene, somethings has gone wrong in chess, according to me.
    I don’t like that the overall time is reduced, though. Why is it usually 90min + 30sec for 40 moves, why not 100min + 30sec for 40 moves? I haven’t actually discussed it with anyone yet, that’s why I ask here.

  6. @Tobias

    The reason for 90min + 30sec is that the calculation is based on a game lasting 60 moves. So 90min + (30sec x 60 moves)=
    90min + 30 min=
    120min or 2 hours

  7. When the shortening of the time controls began it was said it would make the game more attractive, more tv compatible. I think they tv guys only laughed at that – wrong, they never heard of that. Then there were tournaments with 90 min. games, making 3 rounds a day possible, so to play a whole tournament at one weekend. None of those made chess better or more attractive.


    ### off topic – Breyer πŸ™‚ ###

    Jacob you said that you are planning to publish GM Repertoire Ruy Lopez Breyer Variation for Black prior β€œBologan’s Ruy Lopez for Black: How to Play for a Win against the Spanish Opening” πŸ™‚ by Victor Bologan – publication November 15, 2015.

    Can you please tell us more about author and lines, or more precise publication date?


    @Jacob Aagaard
    Thanks. I presume that it will be GM Guide for Black. Can hardly wait for it… But this also means that he’ll cover all non Spanish tries for Black also…

  10. Should be a big page count, I’m hoping for the Two Knights Defence, Giouco has been done to death.

  11. Jacob Aagaard

    I will help a bit with the book no doubt, mainly by checking it (and someone much better than I have done so already). But I want Nikos to be published in his own right.

    And yes, it will probably be a big book!


    @Jacob Aagaard
    If it’s his first book, I’d gladly pay for the book 50 euros, just to wish him good start.

    But then I expect full coverage: all non-Spanish lines plus Breyer πŸ™‚


    May I suggest something new to your company? Prior launching some interesting project you could create special fund poll. Who wants can donate some amount via Paypal to support the author and the project. But a supporter gets benefit also! The 50% of donated money he can claim when he actually buys the book. Using donation, supporter gets extra benefit like right to address questions to the author, to receive chessbase format of the book, or right to get extra training positions, memory markers etc.

    Normally, if you have doubts regarding financial success of given book, you could always bail out using donation funds. You get early estimation of book to be sold.

    You could give it a try πŸ™‚

  14. The only way the PGN thing might work and not destroy you is by making it viewable in a website a la chess24 only for legitimate buyers of the book by providing a serial number in the book and then auto-generating a custom page for each serial number. I’m sure technically is possible.

  15. @Jacob
    Then we will have two one stop-Playing the- books against 1.e4 ( French/1….e5)- I like that. Is there a chance that there will come the same against 1.d4?

  16. Jacob Aagaard

    But there would still be a pgn on someone’s computer that he would give to a friend and from there…

    Forward Chess is our answer to this. It is the best answer we got.

  17. @ (Possible) Playing d4 book:
    There is still no full Tarrasch-repertoire book. Keilhack mentioned in his book, it was possible to play a Tarrasch-Set-up against any opening except 1. e4. Aagaard/Lund give a full repertoire, but against Reti/Bird/Nimzo-Larsen/Colle/London they deviate from a pure Tarrasch-Set-up. Sam Collins shows how to play against Reti-set-up.
    An “Universal Tarrasch-set-up” book is still missing on the market!

  18. Nikos Ntirlis

    If you combine the GM Rep 10 with the “Playing the French” and Avrukh’s “Anti” book you have your full “Tarrasch set up” book! I actually gave Avrukh my own analysis against Colle, London and the likes which included a “Tarrasch set up” and after he made his own magic to those lines he included them in his book.

  19. Shurlock Ventriloquist

    Hungarian defense v. The Guicco. Forces White to play a Spanish.

    SEE: Grunfeld/Smyslov & Spassky/Hort

  20. Nikos Ntirlis

    The problem with the Hungarian is the move order. White can avoid it (not that he doesn’t have an advantage if he enters it, albeit i admit that it is a small one) and get a sizeable edge in a every case (sadly).

  21. An Ordinary Chessplayer

    @Nikos Ntirlis – I really don’t know what you mean by move order. Can you give a move or two? By Hungarian I understand 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Be7. Not many avoidances that I can see for white, except the Spanish mentioned by Shurlock Ventriloquist.

  22. Shurlock Ventriloquist

    The only advantage White gains in the Hungarian is the right to ask the questions and a savvy player can find all the needed answers as Black if they have done their homework. Its confers a non-enforceable advantage.

    Engines continue to overestimate White’s chances in this system.

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