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Our next publication date is June 17th. One of the three new books is the hardcover 10th anniversary edition of Learn from the Legends by Mihail Marin. Should you buy this book? If you don’t have it already, then that’s an easy question to answer – yes, definitely. ‘Legends’ is generally regarded by reviewers as Mihail’s best book so far – and that is ahead of tough competition.

But suppose you already own the previous edition of Legends – is it worth also buying this new one? On that one, I will let you make up your own mind, and I will just offer a few brief facts. The new edition is a hardcover, while the previous editions were in paperback. The new book is 480 pages, compared to the previous edition’s 336. The extra pages are due to more diagrams, a better layout, and a brand new chapter on Magnus Carlsen.

Normally in a blog post I would offer a snippet from the book, but Legends is not a snippety sort of book – it deserves to be read and enjoyed at length. But there is an excerpt to read.

10 thoughts on “Learn from the Legends”

  1. Is any of the old chapters modified or is just the layout + diagrams? In other words, for someone that has already read the book (and enjoyed it), would he need to reread everything or only the last chapter because the rest is essentially equal?

  2. I will definitely buy this book – I think it is a must for every chess player. I already have the first edition, but the extra pages / chapter and the hardcover i.o.m. absolutely make this a worthwhile buy.

    Concerning the remark why some players have not been included: I guess you could further extend the list, but the book is already 480 pages. Besides, Kasparov has already written a a whole series on all his great predecessors. I like the fact that not only world champions have been included in this book.

  3. Jacob Aagaard

    Because Marin wrote about the people that inspired him.

    The book is retypeset, some minor corrections here and there and a full new chapter. If you have read the book already, the new chapter is probably all you will want to go for.

  4. pabstars :
    For sure looks good. What is the free book in June/July?

    I am thinking Reggio Emilia 2007/2008. Along with San Luis 2005, this fine book was part of our (doomed?) effort to bring back tournament books.

    I will make the Free-Book-of-the-Month a post, probably tomorrow, to make the info higher profile.

  5. It’s unbelievable that these two books which were awesome, jewels for any chess library didn’t manage to bring back tournament books. I wish you tried once more!

  6. I don’t have Reggio, but San Luis is an amazing book. It is gorgeous, and of such high quality. It really bugs me that sales of it are so poor that you are giving it away.

  7. Mr. Aagaard, when will be released “Thinking Inside the Box” that was expected to Summer 2015? Best regards.

  8. @Jairo Costa
    Not sure. I am working on it, but it is quite a difficult book to write, especially as I have dedicated 2015 so far with helping out on other projects, as well as various personal things that had to be attended to.

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