Walter Browne 1949–2015

Sad news about the death of Walter Browne. I will leave detailed tributes to those who knew Walter well. Our connection is that Walter was one of the authors of Champions of the New Millennium.  We never met in person, but Walter’s lively good humour came through even in emails or on the phone. In the office, we all remember his phone message shortly after his book was published:

“Hey guys, Walter Browne here. Listen – I need more of those books, and I need ’em damn soon!”

3 thoughts on “Walter Browne 1949–2015”

  1. Played him once about 10-12 years ago and it was a fantastic experience. Everything about him as known from other peoples stories and published material shone through in those few hours of playing. And it stays with me with warmth 🙂
    Rest in peace!

  2. Very sad, 66 is too young. I first encountered him by watching old clips of BBC’s The Master Games tv-series, not sure when they were filmed but him and Kortchnoi were my favourites. I remember him referring to Nigel Short as a “punk kid” in one episode. Rest in peace Walter.

  3. Wallace Howard

    I was lucky enough to get a few lessons from Walter when I lived in Berkeley.
    Of course, we studied the Najdorf. He was a very direct, very energetic man.
    R.I.P. brother.

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