Will Magnus Carlsen remain World Number One?

With four other players now also rated over 2800, do you think Magnus Carlsen will hold on to the Number One spot until the end of the year?


 Last week’s poll results:


19 thoughts on “Will Magnus Carlsen remain World Number One?”

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  2. This year? Yes. At the end of next year…? Maybe not…

    There are a few motivated players behind him who are gettin’ sick and tired of being #2 all the time!

  3. If the trend remains as it is the answer has to be no. You would expect Toploav to be #1, he’s playing like he’s the best player in the world atm and he probably is.

  4. @James
    Anand played better in Norway. Only Topalov was given a full point when Carlsen lost on time in a position with forced mate available to him. But around the 2-5 spot it is really close. The question is if Carlsen has lost the edge or not, really.

  5. Even if Carlsen has lost the edge, he still has a big cushion of points, so Carlsen will be first in January 2016. And I expect Carlsen to train hard to recover his dominant position. I guess it is hard to be alone in the top, so it is good for Carlsen to see so many people pushing behind him.

  6. @k.r.

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  7. It looks a bit like the other players are working out Carlsen’s weaknesses and Carlsen’s is getting lazy and distracted. reminds me of Capablanca in 1927 who seemed invulnerable till Alekhine figured him out. Still can’t see another player being consistent enough to overtake him Carlsen’s average rating is still at a level which would be an individual top performance for the others.

  8. In my opinion it’s a bit early to conclude (based on one bad tournament) whether or not Carlsen has lost his edge… If anything, he has proved he is human after all 🙂

  9. ONE bad tournament (where bad luck was unquestionably involved) and suddenly people forget about 5 years of domination …

    Realistically we should expect Carlsen to keep performing over 2850 as he did the last few years. I think it is great that several players seem to be able to stabilise above 2800, but adding another 50/60 points is a different thing altogether.

  10. Indeed Seth, after his (Carlsen) pathetic showing against Grischuk, and Aronian’s triumphant win over Nakamura, I’m now starting to lean towards Aronian being #1 in Jan 2016, I’ll reserve judgement for now though.

  11. And another blown win with the white pieces today…Carlsen’s an old man at 23. Clearly his best days are long behind him.

  12. His play surely isn’t his best, but everybody has bad streaks. Performance-wise it’s still fully ok, though:
    2828, and with a win in the last round Carlsen will even go up in rating. So I think some people here have lost objectivity a bit.

  13. Looks like Carlsen is having some serious bad form, I guess he’s human after all.

    Even so it seems very unlikely to be overtaken with that cushion, and I doubt the negative streak will last.

  14. Imho, only Giri and Wei Yi both in the next two or three years can oppose to the Carslen’s reign. Aronian has an enormous talent maybe more than Giri and the same Carlsen, a real genius but in the crucial moments he does not proven his really power.

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