The World Cup – A competition

This is a temporary post. We were talking about the upcoming World Cup and got a bit excited to be honest. So we decided to have a little competition. We are working on the questions at the moment. They will be available Tuesday morning at some point. The deadline for entry will be 1 hour before the start of the first round on Friday.

Look out for more details here tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “The World Cup – A competition”

  1. Wasn’t there a prediction contest at the official website of the last worldcup?

    (Last time Ramirez let me down, when he didn’t beat Thomashevky in the TieBreak and Thomashevsky went on to wreck my predictions, but it was great fun.)

  2. @Trefor
    I doubt that you’ll win any points with that, considering that QC is a Scottland-based company. I, on the other hand, cheer for Germany. Right now πŸ˜‰

  3. @Tobias
    Sorry Tobias, but your chances of winning the QC competition do not look good. And anyway, Trefor was talking about rugby, not football. For the record, Scotland is equally rubbish at both sports.

    Every sensible Scot is trying to become a tennis fan, but it’s hard work pretending to care about a game you’ve never played.

  4. @John Shaw

    woops, bad timing after what happened in New York last night.

    Still there is always bowls and curling…

    Look forward to the competition

  5. paddyirish :
    @John Shaw
    Still there is always bowls and curling…

    Plus maybe snooker and occasionally darts. We’re better at games that don’t involve running about.

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