Nigel Short Seminar Update – Unlock a discount for everyone!

Setting a price for a seminar is difficult. I hope to not lose too much money while organising them, while at the same time I hope to have big attendance, which is the reason I organise them in the first place.

This week we will have a visit from Nigel Short. I set the price at £150 for four days, thinking it is good value and I would not lose too much. While the second part is true, the attendance is lower than I had hoped. For this reason I will reduce the price with £10 per extra participant registering from now on for all participants, of course. It will not go under £100, which is what I have charged for other seminars. But if 5 more people decides to attend, the price will be down to £100…

Jacob Aagaard

10 thoughts on “Nigel Short Seminar Update – Unlock a discount for everyone!”

  1. It’s really a pity I’m far from you and unable to travel in this moment…I’d pay twice that price to listen Nigel for four days…

  2. Similar situation here as for garryk. Foreign visitors at work prevent me from travelling. Else I’d most definitely make the trip to Scotland. I hope there is a next time with Nigel or another speaker. Maybe you yourself, or Gelfand?

  3. firstly Mr Aagaard thanks so much for organising something like this and I hope it is a success .

    I would love to come to it, having been to a combined simul and lecture by Nigel Short which was excellent , but for me and I imagine most people the majority of the cost would come from travelling so far from most centres of population in Uk to get to Edinburgh plus the probably expensive accommodation . plus most people have to work On weekdays in September.

    I wonder if there is any chance of something further South? Maybe something in connection with the forthcoming Bobby Fischer Film Pawn Sacrifice could attract some members of the general public who took up chess in the70s boom?

  4. Harvard’s “Charles Eliot Norton Lectures” are delivered and then published as a book.

    A single video camera and audio recording could be translated into book format.

    For those interested in attending the lectures, they’ll be in Edinburgh:

    Saturday 26th September 15.00-19.00
    Sunday 27th September 13.00-17.00
    Monday 28th September 18.30-22.00
    Tuesday 29th September 18.30-22.00

    The location is Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh EH2 4PH

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