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Most of our new books will be on Forward Chess and will be available a week before they are available in shops. This is obviously a move to support this format and get it off the ground. Not because we want it to take over from paper books, but because we want to make sure that this format flourishes as a viable alternative.

One minor advantage with this format is that on the rare occasions where we make small corrections to books, they happen to the Forward Chess books. Recently a few corrections were included in Positional Decision Making in Chess ahead of the reprint of hardback copies that will take place in a few weeks’ time. To make sure that you have the corrected book, use the restore purchases option in the App. For everyone else, you will have to wait for my blog post on the subject, also coming in a few weeks’ time…

13 thoughts on “Forward Chess – Restoring purchases”

  1. @Forward Chess
    In that case, the navigation on Avrukh’s Slav-book is unfortunately still terrible 🙁
    The “next move” button quite often jumps into the first variation, not giving a navigation choice.

  2. @Tobias

    Could you, please, tell us more about the issue you are experiencing?
    Ideally with specific examples for us to reproduce. Please email us at info AT

    This particular book wasn’t converted by us, but we may be able to help.

  3. Well, the list is too long to put into writing – I experience problems everywhere with that particular book. I’ll just write a quick example that I came across here (maybe other people don’t have the same issue!?):
    Chapter 22, Geller gambit, after 5. … b5 if I press next-button I come directly to variation A)
    Even worse in that chapter, if I go to the introduction and click on, say B), it jumps there but quickly after goes to A).
    Only way to navigate to variations is to scroll… Luckily I have the book in print as well, there I can go by pages 🙂

  4. @Paul
    Something like this is probably possible. What is important to publishers is always that you cannot copy a product in a way where it does not stare you in the eye that it is stolen whenever you look at it.

  5. Tobias :
    @Forward Chess
    Anything you can do? Is it even reproducible or “just me” (the latter question goes of course to everyone here)

    Its not jus you. I have the same problem. Sometimes the link works and other times not. Sometimes I can switch to a different chapter close the book, reopen it, switch to the chapter I want and the link will then work. It is irritating that when comin to a major branching that clicking next doesn’t bring up a selection of moves or only brings moves in some minor notes. This is the case on almost all branch points in the Slav Repertoire. I must say that it is better in later books–I haven’t noticed the problem at all in the two Dragon Repertoire books. So whatever is being done there seems to have fixed it.

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