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Our friends at Forward Chess have a promotional video. See what you think. It is only 46 seconds long, so it will not delay you long. It does have sound, so be careful if you are supposed to be working…

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  1. I found this application the best on market this moment. After reading probably sposnored article on chessbase site for gambit must admit that gambit app cant be taken serious comparing to forward chess. Im oldfashion man so I use forward chess only traveling by train. Still prefer wooden pieces though only ebooks I bought for this app are qc books. I think that this blog and feedback from authors are also one of the reasons why people when they choose your books.

  2. I use Forward chess a lot actually. I’m a painting contractor and woodwork finisher so I have a lot of dry time depending on the products I use. So I take my iPad along and use Forward Chess as its all in one. It beats the other apps on the market two to one. I have two complaints however. One is that certain books have glitches that crash the program which is very irritating as (complaint 2) the program doesn’t have a page save feature. When you close it or open another book it doesn’t hold your spot so you can end up searching for where you last were.

    Still, I highly recommend it.

  3. @Paul
    Thanks for the feedback, Paul!

    A few comments on the issues. First of all, whenever you encounter glitches/crashes, please let us know. In nearly 100% of all cases, we are able to fix them very quickly. Most are simply specific to the errors in the source file and are easy to correct.

    We have just finished an update that will handle certain castling and e.p. situations that created problems before. (By the way, we are looking for a few iOS beta testers, for those who want to be on the cutting edge and help us shape the app. 🙂

    The app actually does remember the last page you were on in every book. Plus, the bookmark feature allows you to “remember” more than one page in each book. Of course, in case of a crash all bets are off, but we are addressing those as per above.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at info @ forwardchess . com

  4. @k.r.
    We are very happy with Forward Chess and we thought about it a long time before choosing what to do about an app. In my view it is sort of mad that NIC, Gambit and Everyman all have their own app. With Forward Chess it is possible to get the resources from all the publishers together in one place and develop an app that can compete with Kindle, Saga Crush and what else the real competitors are – certainly it is not other chess publishers. If people are interested in chess, eventually they will get around to your product.

    I am really happy we went with Forward Chess and hope it will do better and better as more people learn about it.

  5. @Jacob

    I’d be happy to help with any Beta testing of the app if you need volunteers.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone at, or involved with, QC.

  6. I have bought about 10 books on the app (mainly quality chess titles!) and am generally very happy. Using Android the most common problem I have is when I decide to input my own moves, this works fine but then there are often bugs when I want to return to the ‘book’ moves. It often becomes necessary to quit the app and then start it again… This is not so bad as the app (as stated above) does remember the chapter I was on.

    Another this that can be a little bit frustrating is the chapter headings and what is hyperlinked… In the excellent book ‘chess structures’ the miscellaneous section is chapter 21 and contains lots of different structures. If I am not reading it cover to cover but using it as a reference and want to look at the ‘Benko structure’ I have to go to the start of chapter 21 and then scroll through a lot of other structures to get there… In a case like this it makes sense to hyperlink each structure so it can be accessed from the contents.

    The nature of these things is that people write the problems that they have but these are really very minor and I think it’s an excelllent app! If you need an android tester then please let me know 🙂

  7. I use it a lot but I still think it could use much improvement. The navigation is still not easy. E.g. as Paul T remarks, hyperlinks are not working properly all the time. I find that when changing books or when going back to the app after having used the phone for something else, the links often don’t work and if they do, the pieces won’t move on the board. Sometimes this can also cause the app to crash.

    Another thing that is very annoying is the lack of a better sorting of the books. I have most and because the books just end up in a long list, it is hard to quickly find the one I want to read. The same goes for within the books when the chapters are long.

    I also own the Gambit app and like it a bit better but there aren’t as many new titles available though.

  8. Hi there!
    Is there a possibility of adding to the app the ability of creating Chessbase files? (.pgn)
    I think there are lots of chess players waiting for an app to do that, specially with the books about openings! Its anoying to have to create with hand opening files with all the information on the books when this files were for sure already created for the Author to make the book.
    I found that QC has lots of wonderful books and it would be really nice to have them on a format that is suitable for the advanced players as well, who works and analyse with Chessbase and other typical softwares.
    Looking forward to hear your explanation!

  9. QC has answered similar requests like this in the past: DBs can’t be copy protected. Until this technical problem is solved they won’t sell DBs.

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