Our new book is called…

We are going to publish a new book, in both German and English, by GM Thomas Luther. In German we already have a title – Vom Schüler zum Großmeister. The direct translation into English would be ‘From Pupil to Grandmaster’ or ‘From Student to Grandmaster’, but we are not happy with either of those options. Maybe they are too similar to Jonathan Hawkins’ ‘From Amateur to IM’ or maybe it’s something else, but they don’t feel right.
So we are looking for suggestions. The book is about chess improvement and training, including the story of Thomas’s journey to the GM title. So maybe the title could involve the word ‘grandmaster’, but in fact we are open to all non-obscene suggestions. If we use your suggestion, you will be mentioned on page 2 of the book and, if I’m feeling really generous, maybe we’ll even give you a free copy of the book.

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  1. “How to become a Grandmaster”.
    Based on dfan, “The Path to the Grandmaster title”.
    “Pump your rating even more” 😛

  2. Leaving aside Euwe, Ermolinsky and Yoda, while retaining an “pupil to master” flavour:
    – a chess education
    – to mastery and beyond
    – Chess: the Inner Master

  3. That’s a very generic description of the book, it’d help to know how this book is different from all the other books about improvement and training and the author’s experience.

    Until then, German book on improvement by QC — I vote “Pump Auf Ihr Rating” 🙂

  4. How about “From Neophyte to GM” or “Neophyte to Grandmaster”,”Trainee to Brainee: A GM’s Guide”, “Grandmaster: Unmasked”, “That’s Mr.GM to you!”, “GM’s Journey: Hacked”, “Chess GM’s Secret Agenda”.

  5. Three suggestions:

    1) “Becoming GM” (alternatively: “Becoming Grandmaster”)

    2) “Arrive at GM”

    3) “The Path to GM” (alternatively: “The Path to Grandmaster”)

  6. 1. untold grandmaster story : how Thomas Luther reached GM title
    2. road to chess improvement with Thomas Luther
    3. evolve your chess with Thomas Luther
    4. From Class C player to GM
    5. Training with GM Thomas Luther

  7. You could keep it simple with:
    “Becoming a Grandmaster”
    Or, depending on the emphasis of the book, one of
    “Becoming a Grandmaster: A Personal Guide”
    “Becoming a Grandmaster: A Practical Guide ”
    “Becoming a Grandmaster: A Study Guide”
    “Becoming a Grandmaster: A Modern Guide”

    Depending on the style of the text, “Approach” may fit better than “Guide” at the end of the title.

  8. Some sugestions:
    – Training methods to became a grandmaster
    – The secrets to became a grandmaster
    – Professional chess players training, a guide to became a grandmaster.
    – All you need to know to be a professional chess player
    – Chess at the top: became a grandmaster
    – Top chess training: became a grandmaster
    – Personal training guide to became a grandmaster
    – Training Bible to became a grandmaster, or The Bible to became a grandmaster
    – Chess training Bible for to became a professional chess player.

  9. 1. Determined to become a Grandmaster
    2. Start your quest to become a Grandmaster
    3. All-in on becoming a Grandmaster
    4. A Grandmaster’s love affair with chess

  10. A few ideas:
    Targeting the Title
    The Pursuit of Perfection in Chess
    Goal: Grandmaster
    Striving for the Summit
    The Chequered Path

  11. The Climb.

    And for the book’s cover you can use a picture of a pawn heading for promotion to a queen; or something similar.

  12. Achieving chess success – how to become a Grandmaster
    How amateur became GM – Grandmaster’s story
    Think, practice and analyse – Grandmaster’s secrets
    My way to the Grandmaster title – Thomas Luther’s chess story
    How to climb to the top of the ladder – Grandmaster story
    Creating a Grandmaster step by step: my story
    My journey to Grandmaster title – how I succeed

    There are a lot of interesting titles, but it is really hard to think out the title without looking at inside the book 😉 :). Anyway I hope one of the titles may be some kind of inspiration!

  13. Grandmaster Odyssey
    Grandmaster Odyssey: On the Road to the Title
    Grandmaster Odyssey: My Search for Chess Excellence
    Grandmaster Odyssey: My Quest for Chess Mastery
    Grandmaster Odyssey: A Travelogue
    Grandmaster Odyssey: An Itinerary
    Grandmaster Odyssey: A Pawn’s Search for the Eighth Rank
    A Pawn’s Search for the Eighth Rank: A Grandmaster’s Journey
    A Pawn’s Search for the Eighth Rank: From Patzer to Grandmaster
    From Patzer to Grandmaster: A Pawn’s Quest for Promotion
    Underpromotion: Steps on the Road to GM

  14. Hi

    A good title should hint something about the book besides it being an improvement book. E.g. is the focus on a specific system, on attitude towards training, on sequence of learning sertain themes, on structure, etc. A few more Words about the content of the book and how it will contribute to chess litterature would enable better suggestions.


  15. My suggestion:

    Becoming a Grandmaster – An intimate and concise step by step blueprint on attaining the most coveted title in chess

    by GM Thomas Luther


    Toppy 🙂

  16. Destanation: Chess Grandmaster
    – A complete roadmap of which must win battles that most be fought and won.
    The story and chesslife of Grandmaster Thomas Luther.

  17. Pretty much the only criticism I can think of for QC was the title of Axel Smith’s book. That and the design of the cover left it, in my view, open to the perception that it was selling snake oil when, in fact, it was an excellent, thought-provoking book. QC is far from the worst offender in this case – I thought the title and cover of Hawkins’ fine endgame book was little short of ridiculous.

    So I would urge against a repeat of that kind of mistake. Of course I am probably guilty of underestimating commercial realities. I’m guessing both books would have sold less copies if they had more sober titles.

  18. Seems to be hard upcoming work for QC to choose from so many suggestions. 🙂

    A bit of fame and a free book in sight and everyone gets active 🙂 🙂

  19. @Canoe: consider how much all chess book titles sound the same (just like all the suggestions in this thread). Pump Up Your Rating was a nice break from that. It’s a great title.

  20. @Canoe
    On the contrary. The title of that book was maybe our best title. The same with the cover. It made people look at it for a moment and once we had their attention, that was it. A good book marketed poorly is unfair to readers, author and the publisher alike.

  21. Okay here are a few: Chess Zero to Hero
    The Road to Chess Mastery
    Chess: Patzer to Master
    Advanced Chess Strategy: The Path to Grandmaster

  22. @Remco G @Jacob Aagaard Playing devil’s advocate, I can think of plenty of all-time classics with workmanlike, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin titles. If the purpose of titles is to grab attention, should Shereshevsky’s book been called “Crush your opponents in the endgame”? Would it have been taken as seriously if it was? There is a fine line between good marketing and sensationalism.
    Again, Smith’s book is not the best example of what I’m thinking of, because it’s a fine book, and it probably stays the right side of that fine line.
    But if it had been from a different publisher, I think I would have dismissed it out of hand, or at least until reviews convinced me it was a book of substance. My first impression was to feel the same kind of skepticism I feel when I see books called “What it takes to become a chess master”.
    And even good books can be undermined if that line is crossed. Again, Hawkins springs to mind. He put together a labour of love on endgame positions and his publishers reached for the most sensational, inappropriate title they could imagine. I think Amateur to IM had enough substance to do well without the used-car salesman title. Maybe I am being naive with that last statement.

  23. I presume the Book is being marketed to those aspiring to the GM Title, as well as the less ambitious reader just looking for an honest account of what it took to get there, complete with anecdotes and atmosphere . The title should reflect that.

    By the way, I would have suggested the title Confessions of a Grandmaster, unfortunately that book already exists and the cover was intriguing. The book itself was also a wonderful read, very enlightening and highly recommended.





  24. @Canoe
    Music is about the distance between the notes, not the notes themselves. Thus, if all our titles were like that one, it would not have worked in the same way. Btw. we all think Amateur to IM is a great title.

  25. @Jacob Aagaard I think it’s wonderfully simple and catchy. But I also think it’s false advertising. It makes me feel condescended to by Mongoose Press. I felt it ended up drawing discussion away from the book’s quality as forums and reviews focused on the misleading sales pitch. MP would argue that there is no such thing as bad publicity but I wonder whether perceptions of it are damaged in the long run.
    I take the point about your titles. Pump up your Rating is a different type of title for a different type of book I suppose.

  26. GM Essentials : the road to improvement / 3 norms and GM Title / Don’t trust J.Aagard , Wake Up at Noon and Get the GM Title : my secrets

  27. Through The Basics to GM / Competitive training for Aspiring Players / Learn
    , Train and play like a GM / The GM Quest ( foreword par King Arthur )

  28. If there was a new book on Rubinstein, it would certainly have something with ‘piano’ in the title. Or Bronstein and the russian revolution.

  29. The title should have a word or expression close to the German “Vom Schüler…” in order to reflect that stage on the way.
    “Schüler” are generally the children or youth who go to school, but it also can mean special students of a teacher or master.

  30. “A practical guide to chess mastery”

    “How to improve your chess: from amateur to grandmaster”

    “Chess training: a grandmaster’s course”

    I like especially the last one since I think the content is taught in a personal way.

  31. “Chess Grandmaster –
    The Other Side of the Door!”

    … bookcover white with a head in black and instead of eyes we use keyholes !!!

    Dont look further, that is it 🙂

  32. Jon Guilaroff

    Sorry, I like “Student to Grandmaster”, or “Pupil to Grandmaster”, it tells me exactly what I want to know, makes me want to read it!

  33. Stuart W. Collins

    Grandmaster Training: The Thomas Luther Method
    Grandmaster Training: Proven Improvement Techniques
    Grandmaster Training: From Start to Finish
    Grandmaster Training: The Story, The Journey, The Title

    “Grandmaster Training” can even become a new series.

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