Will the World Championship be held in New York this year?

Last week’s question was: ‘Who will win the British Championship?’ Of course Mickey Adams was the top choice, but I am encouraged that Gawain Jones took second place. I also think Nick Pert has a far better chance than our poll would suggest.


The question asked in the name of this blog post seems an easy one. Of course it will. The World Championship match between Carlsen and Karjakin will be held in New York from November 10-30 2016. That’s the official announcement. Except, with less than four months to go, there is no venue announced.

Just over a week ago on the ECF Forum Andrew Murray-Watson, AGON’s Communications Director, said: “I appreciate that there is a degree of doubt about New York being the venue for the championship match. But all I can say is that it is definitely happening in New York and we will make an announcement in the next two to three weeks.”

So that’s crystal clear, except Karjakin in an interview with Norwegian paper Dagbladet made it clear he was not keen to play in the US, and hopes for a move to Moscow.

I hope it all works out somehow, as a healthy World Championship cycle is good for chess. But what do you think? Will the World Championship be held in New York this year?

8 thoughts on “Will the World Championship be held in New York this year?”

  1. I hope it is since I have flight and hotel reservations for that week.
    Of course, 6 days in NYC isn’t a bad thing if it doesn’t pan out.

  2. George Hollands

    I too have a trip to New York booked, under the guise of a Birthday trip for my better half.

    If only she knew….

  3. My guess is no.
    Point 13 of the rules of the World Championship ( http://www.fide.com/FIDE/handbook/regulations_match_2016.pdf)
    stipulates that “The prize fund of the match, provided by the organizer, should be a minimum of 1,000,000 (one million) euros, net of any applicable taxes.”
    Plus 20% of that sum that has to be paid to FIDE.
    If Agon already had secured that price money, it should have been easy in a big city like New York to find a playing hall a long time ago.

  4. The question asked is “Will the World Championship be held in New York this year?”

    Will it be in New York? If it isn’t then AGON’s credibility is blown to hell. They’ve mocked people who suggested it wouldn’t be there. I think they’ll do almost anything to hold the World Championship in New York.

    This year? Reading Andrew Murray-Watson’s comment about the match being definitely in New York I also see that he doesn’t mention dates. Looks at first sight to me that the match won’t be in November. FIDE do this all the time. Most recently with the World Rapid and Blitz which they failed to organise on the announced dates and parked all over the Millionaire Chess tournament. Wonder whose event they’ll ruin this time?

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