Boris Gelfand Lecture at XtraCon Open

During XtraCon Open in Helsingor, Boris and I enjoyed a bit too much of the free buffet food (gosh I look fat; luckily the diet has already begun) and a two hour lecture about the writing of Positional Decision Making in Chess. No spoilers from the book though… All of it was original material.

11 thoughts on “Boris Gelfand Lecture at XtraCon Open”

  1. Jesse Gersenson

    Boris is a very funny character.

    Most of the chess I have am unable to following; the spoken variations go by too quickly for me to decode.


    “Playing 1.e4 – Sicilian & French” is set to be out on 1st of December 2016, stated by Niggemann Germany!

    Are they right?


    ### plagiarism detected!? ###

    On chesspub forum is thread named “GM REP: The Chelyabinsk Variation by GM Timoscenko”, where is stated that mentioned book uses the same cover & layout just like GM Repertoire series.

    Check it out by yourselves!

  4. @John Shaw
    @Jacob Aagaard

    Could you be so kind to answer Le Bruit qui court? I’m curious about that issue too. Thank you very much!

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