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Last week’s poll question asked “How do you remember Mark Dvoretsky?” For the vast majority, it is as an author of excellent books. To me that feels a fitting memorial: as an author Mark shared his chess ideas with many more people than he could coach in person.


This week we ask: Which country will dominate world chess ten years from now? For clues you might care to study the results of all sections at the recent World Youth Chess Championships. Countries with big populations such as China, India, USA and Russia must be strong contenders. Iran may not be quite so big, but it seems to have a promising crop of juniors, while Armenia is relatively tiny, but has an amazing chess tradition, as a couple of gold medals in those Youth events shows. Who else?

17 thoughts on “Dominate the Future”

  1. My opinions on the Women’s World Championship in Iran are available on Facebook. Quality Chess is a non-political company, although we at times allow the readers to vote on political issues. For this reason I have removed Zagreb1959’s post on this topic, as it involved me in a debate a place where I will not reply.

  2. I would add “Neither” option. I think that in future (and as is for now) there would be few very strong chess countries (like ones you mentioned in article) but no country will be so dominating as was Soviet Union in past.

    — s.

  3. Sorry Jacob, this question for me is non political too and only a basic view about the world we want based on the roots of this question! Shutting down debate is a trick used by some political views. Maybe it is for these same reason that populist parties are growing…

  4. I voted for China, because of the combination of sheer numbers and the fact that China is one of the last ‘Communist’ countries which invest a lot in state-sponsored sports – just like the USSR used to do. And I have the feeling chess is high on the priority list of the Chinese communist party…

  5. @Zagreb1959
    No, You can find the debate on Facebook where I have answered many people and you could answer the email I sent to you. When I speak on this blog, I represent Quality Chess and will not debate contentious issues here, to everyone’s relief.

  6. The USA are the current olympiad champions with 3 off the top 10 players in the world all of whom are under 30 and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.Their other 2 team members are quite young and have a fair shot of making 2700 if they dedicate their time to chess.

    On top of all that they have one of the biggest talents in the world the current world junior champion who is 15 and 2650. They are also currently producing more top juniors than any other country in the world.

    For the next 20 years it is hard to look past the USA.

  7. Scotland! they have a secret program starting with French GM Romain Edouard. Basically they want to stand against him, proud Edouard’s army, and send him homeward to think again. Or something like that.

  8. Jacob Aagaard :
    I voted for the US as they keep stealing our best coaches…

    If possible, How are these coaches?

    I voted for India, for the following reasons
    – Chess in very very polular there, and the have tons of good young players.
    – It is not like in china, where the goverment is seeking for genius, but the number 100 in the ranking list has less than 2000 elo.
    – The prizes they can win in chess tournaments in europe or US could be enough for living in India.
    – At the moment, and in my humble opinion, US chess boost depend mainly on a SPOF factor, Mr. Sinquefield.

  9. @Fer
    They are awful. We are still talking about me, I presume :-).

    I voted India too, because of the big boom of talent at the moment. But the US would be my second choice, because the effect of Mr Sinquefield will last a decade and the five players in the team will continue to be very strong.

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