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Last night we received the hardback editions of GM1 and GM3. We quickly claimed a copy each, the remaining books will be for sale only on this website. I think there are 25 or so left of each. It will be visible on the site soon.

The good news is that they stay open, also at 480 pages. They simply look brilliant.

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  1. Abramov Anjuhin

    I can’t see a reason why you made only 30 copies. People all around the world like these books, so I suggest that you make much more copies so that and Niggemann Store from Germany also have hardbacks!

    Especially two Avrukh’s repertoire books.

    Why not when the sells goes like they are for free 🙂

  2. Jacob Aagaard

    Maybe it was a wrong choice. It was definitely risk-averse. With the two new books we have out now, we have printed a few hundred in hardbacks. We will see how it works before we decide what we do in the future.

    I actually like the idea that the book exists in only a limited quantity.

  3. Abramov Anjuhin

    I can hardly wait for the hardbacks that the Niggemann store from Germany will share to us!

    So I’ll buy:

    a) GM Rep – NAJDORF
    b) Suetin – Soviet school
    c) 2 books about Karpov

  4. Jacob Aagaard

    As a start GM7 and Soviet Chess Strategy will be available as hardbacks, also from Niggemann. But they wont have many copies. We obviously talked to the shops before deciding to play it cautiously.

  5. Hi, is GM3 hardback being shipped already? In my account it still says “Not Shipped” and I sent an email but got no response.

  6. Jacob Aagaard

    Yes, the book was shipped two days ago. We don’t use this system from the site to keep the accounts, we don’t want them online.

  7. I was thinking about buying GM Rep Sicilian, but would like to know more about the payment possibilities. Do you accept PayPal?
    Since I’m currently in Romania, I’d also like to know how long the shipment would approx. take and whether you’ll be sending by UPS or simple postal service. The latter tends to be sometimes unreliable in Romania, which is why I’d also like to know if the package is insured against damage or loss.

    Any news on the identity of the two KID books yet? How about Kotronias and/or Hillarp Persson since they’re already working with you guys.

  8. Alexei Lugovoi

    Dear Jacob!

    When will I be able to buy both Avrukh’s GM REP 1d4 in HARDBACK in Niggemann Germany? Are you preparing these editions for summer/autumn?

  9. Jacob Aagaard

    GM1 is out, but only available on our site. GM2 – we have no plans at the moment; it might take 6-12 months. It is uneconomical to do it without a general print of the paperback.

  10. “The good news is that they stay open, also at 480 pages. They simply look brilliant.”

    Great! Now an updated schedule after May 28th books including a date for GM8 would be greatly appreciated!

  11. Jacob Aagaard :
    We try not to give dates we cannot keep.

    But you could more specific, right now all we know about GM8 is that it will come out sometime between September and the end of the year.

  12. Jacob Aagaard

    I understand what you are saying, but we are not Everyman. We do not sit on the books. We have to have the manuscript before we can be more specific, and Boris is working away at the moment. It does not make sense to say anything I cannot keep.

  13. @Agaard or Shaw

    I know that your are very busy, but a short answer would be nice for my questions above.

  14. Jacob Aagaard

    Not being pressured into announcing authors or books.

    We generally don’t take paypal, it is too much hassle. In Romania Alin Campeanu has recently contacted us to start selling our books. If you know him, maybe this is the easiest way to get our books.

    We send the books with UPS if they reach a certain weight – under this with normal post.

  15. Grijandel :I got my copy of GM3 hardback today, the quality of the edition is absolutely excellent!

    I ended up going with the paperback edition as it was just too much of a hassle with the limitations for the hardcover. I’m only on page 18 and already I can say the book is excellent.

    I just hope that the other books I intend to get from the Grandmaster Reportoire Series are as good as the 2 I have thus far (GM1 that I got from a friend, and GM3).

    With GM4 and GM5 coming from the same author as GM3, can’t see how they wouldn’t be just as up to par as GM3 is.

    I really look forward to GM6. Be nice to have a fine medium of Najdorf Theory. Seems like all books on the Najdorf are either database dumps with no explanation, or repertoires featuring far offbeat lines (like Kosten’s recommendation of playing …Nc6 in the 6.Bg5 Najdorf in his Easy Guide book from the late 90’s).

    It will also be nice to see what the authors select in the Grunfeld (late 2010) and King’s Indian books (2011 is the rumor I hear). I tend to play both as I enjoy the Grunfeld in its pure form (i.e. Exchange, Russian, etc.), but tend to play a King’s Indian against the Fianchetto lines. After 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3, I find the …c6 lines boring, and I just can’t make the other main line work for black. It seems like after 3…Bg7 4.Bg2 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.e4 Nb6 7.Ne2 c5 8.d5 e6 9.O-O O-O 10.Nec3 exd5 11.exd5 Na6 12.Nd2 that both 12…Bf5 13.Nde4 Qd7 14.Bh6 intending 15.Bxg7 Kxg7 16.Nxc5 and 17.Qd4+ and 12…Nb4 13.Nde4 c4 14.Bg5 f6 15.Be3 Nd3 16.Nc5 Nxb2 17.Qd2 Nd3 18.Nxd3 cxd3 19.Qxd3 Bf5 20.Qb5 Rc8 21.Rac1 Rf7 22.Rfd1 Nc4 23.Bxa7 would favor White. Therefore, I usually would answer 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.g3 with 3…Bg7 4.Bg2 d6. Maybe GM8 will have a way to fix this problem (and then again, my guess will be that they choose to go with the …c6 lines because they tend to hold the position. They are just as boring as watching the grass grow when White chooses to exchange on d5.

  16. Albert Baiges

    Hi! I’ve got a question for Boris Avrukh:
    In GM2 he recommends a system against de Leningrad Dutch that doesn’t play c4 early, and preparing a match against an FM I’ve found that my oponent will play 1. d4 – d6;… So if I play like Avrukh says in chapter 31, 2. Cf3 – g6; 3. c4, then my oponent plays 3….- f5!? almost always, reaching a Leningrad Dutch with an early c4 by white… A line not covered at all in the book! So, what can I play against this move order?? There are no transpositions to the lines in GM2 if black is not interested in (and usually he’s not)! 🙁
    And Avrukh in chapter 31 says that 3. g3 – Ag7; 4. Ag2 – c5!? lures us into unfamiliar territory… But 3. c4 – f5; for us is unfamiliar territory too! If I could get an answer before next saturday… Thank you!! And thank you Avrukh for both GM Repertoire, the best white repertoire books I’ve got!

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